The McDonald’s BTS Meal

Chris Kim | February 9, 2023

One of our most popular articles of 2020 was the hyped collaboration between Travis Scott and McDonald’s. When I heard that South Korean boyband BTS were collaborating with the restaurant chain to deliver the “BTS Meal,” my eyebrows immediately raised. As someone who’s followed the band for the greater part of six years, this collaboration came as a bit of a surprise. Nevertheless, I had to take it upon myself to see how the food measured up.

Two Distinct Flavors

Being honest, McDonald’s is something of a guilty pleasure for me. This collab was the perfect excuse for me to visit the golden arches. The BTS Meal consists of two sauces paired with the standard nuggets – Sweet Chili and Cajun, respectively. I am happy to note that the sauces are actually quite good, and both complemented the meal nicely.

The Cajun is a honey mustard that has a slight tang to it, while the Sweet Chili is a sweet-and-sour offering that works surprisingly well. Their greatest strength lies in their versatility, as either can be swapped between nuggets and fries to provide different combinations. Beyond that, you get McDonald’s chicken nuggets – who can argue with that?

Beyond The Sauce

What does deserve a mention is the absolute storm of attention the promotion has had on social media. Due to overwhelming response, the BTS themed meal bags, sauces, and other promotional items have hit eBay. As initial hype dies down, we can only hope that these shortages will be alleviated so everyone can experience the meal.

This promotion comes shortly after the boys have dropped their latest single, Butter. It’s a deliciously guilty pleasure that you can’t seem to get enough of. If you ask me, that’s the perfect description of both the single and the meal. The BTS Meal is expected to run until the 21st of June, so be sure to make a stop at the golden arches before then.