Best Things to Do in San Antonio This Weekend

Welcome to the heart of excitement – San Antonio! As the weekend approaches, the city comes alive with many events, promising an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve handpicked 19 must-attend activities ranging from lively festivals to soul-stirring concerts, ensuring your weekend is packed with entertainment and cultural enrichment. 

List of 19 Top Things to Do in San Antonio This Weekend

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a good time, San Antonio has something special waiting for you. Join us as we navigate the city’s vibrant tapestry, unveiling the best Things to Do in San Antonio This Weekend.

1. Visit the Alamo

Location: 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States

Phone: +1 210-225-1391

Visit the Alamo

Not only does the Alamo have a rich military history, but it also serves as a potent symbol in the struggle for Texas’s independence. This gives it a great deal of importance. 

The vital phrase “Remember the Alamo!” inspired the Texan soldiers, kindling their unflinching commitment that finally culminated in their win at the Battle of San Jacinto and the subsequent foundation of the Republic of Texas.

Some people come from all over the world to see the Alamo since it is a museum and a historic monument that has been adequately conserved. The complex is home to the internationally renowned chapel, barracks, and gardens and offers visitors an insight into Texas’s rich cultural and historical legacy. 

The Alamo is a potent reminder of its presence, a poignant reminder of the enormous sacrifices made at a vital moment in the quest for Texas independence.

2. Take a River Walk 

Location: San Antonio, TX 78205, United States

Phone: +1 210-227-4262

Take a River Walk

A captivating urban sanctuary that snakes its way through the heart of San Antonio, the River Walk offers a one-of-a-kind and enchanted experience to both locals and visitors alike. The River Walk is a mesmerizing urban sanctuary. 

Beautiful vegetation, scenic bridges, and diverse stores, restaurants, and cultural attractions may be found along the pathways along the San Antonio River. A riveting immersion into the vivid fabric of San Antonio’s exciting history and lively culture, the River Walk tour is an experience that will captivate you. 

The peaceful riverbanks provide a stunning background ideal for taking strolls, going on romantic boat rides, or immersing oneself in the lively atmosphere. During your journey down the River Walk, you will be treated to a lovely combination of cosmopolitan flair and the warm welcome of the Texan people. 

It is possible to get a wide variety of one-of-a-kind things at the area’s vibrant markets and attractive shops, which are abundant in population. In addition, there is a wide variety of eating alternatives accessible, ranging from little cafés to sophisticated restaurants by the riverfront, which guarantees that something will cater to every individual’s preferences.

3. Explore the Pearl District

Location: 303 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215, United States

Phone: +1 210-212-7260

Pearl District

The Pearl District is a thriving community that has undergone a significant transformation, and the Pearl Brewery serves as the neighborhood’s emotional center. This area has a wide range of activities to choose from. 

The most well-known boutiques provide a diverse selection of goods, which may include handcrafted items and stylish apparel. 

Various gastronomic experiences are available at restaurants and cafés, and the farmers market, held on the weekends, is an excellent location to discover fresh vegetables and artisanal items. 

Additionally, the neighborhood has a wide range of events, live music, and activities outside, all pristine.

4. Visit The San Antonio Museum of Art

Location: 200 W Jones Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215, United States

Phone: +1 210-978-8100

San Antonio Museum of Art

The Museum of Art (SAMA) of San Antonio is located on the banks of the Museum Reach of the River Walk in the district of San Antonio. It is situated in a structure that was formerly used as a brewery. 

The collection at SAMA is exceptional and features works of art from a wide range of civilizations spanning a fantastic 5,000 years.

Visitors can examine various exhibitions, including modern works, Latin American folk art, and ancient Mediterranean antiquities.

To give visitors a culturally stimulating experience, the museum provides a wide range of exciting programming, including workshops, seminars, and other special events.

5. Explore The Market Square

Location: 514 W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States

Phone: +1 210-207-8600

The Market Square

Market Square, sometimes called El Mercado, is a location that incorporates the diverse cultural fabric of Mexico and is noted for its vibrancy and vitality. The market is home to over one hundred stores, booths, and restaurants, all owned and operated by locals. 

Visitors have the option to peruse a wide variety of souvenirs, apparel, and handicrafts that are available for purchase. Street tacos and classic Tex-Mex meals are just two examples of the many different kinds of cuisine that are available to choose from. 

A genuinely immersive experience that exemplifies the ethnic variety of San Antonio is provided by the vibrant music and entertainment that contribute to the joyous mood. The Market Square is the ideal location to delight in the city’s mouthwatering flavors and lively noises.

6. Visit the Tower of the Americas

Location: 739 E César E. Chávez Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States

Phone: +1 210-223-3101

Tower of the Americas

The Tower of the Americas, seen in Hemisfair Park, is a significant icon of San Antonio’s stunning cityscape. It rises tall and proud above the city. The observation deck, located at a height of 750 feet, offers breathtaking views of the city in almost every direction. 

Taking high-speed lifts to the summit of the mountain allows visitors to witness beautiful views of San Antonio and the city’s landscape. 

There are a variety of facilities available on the observation deck, including telescopes, instructive exhibits, and a rotating restaurant, which creates the ideal mix of opportunities for viewing and dining.

7. Visit The Japanese Tea Garden

Location: 75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States

Phone: +1 415-752-1171

The Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is a tranquil haven that can be found nestled away in the center of Brackenridge Park. In the early 20th century, the location went through a spectacular transition from being a rock quarry to being transformed into a lovely garden.

Visitors can stroll along winding trails, enjoy the vibrant plant life, and relax by the serene ponds teeming with koi fish. A serene atmosphere is provided by the Jingu House Tea Pavilion, where one may enjoy genuine Japanese tea and pastries. 

The tranquil environment of the garden, in conjunction with its wonderful plant life and fauna, makes it the ideal hideaway for those who have a deep appreciation for the natural beauties that the world offers.

8. Explore The San Antonio Botanical Garden

Location: 555 Funston Pl, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States

Phone: +1 210-536-1400

San Antonio Botanical Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is an astonishing 38 acres in size, and it is home to a diverse range of plants from various regions of the globe. 

The gardens at our site provide a wide variety of horticulture experiences, including themed sections such as a sensory garden, a rose garden, and a Texas native plant area, among others. 

Because our exclusive exhibitions are constantly being updated, each visit provides a new and exciting experience. Visitors of all ages may participate in a wide range of educational activities, seminars, and events at the garden, which serves as a focus of activity.

9. Visit a Mission

Location: Multiple 

Phone: NA

Visit a Mission

San Antonio is home to several other ancient missions, which, when combined, constitute the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. The Alamo is the most famous of these missions. Both Mission San Jose and Mission Concepción are outstanding examples of Catholic missions. 

Not only do the missions in this area have a tremendous historical influence, but they are also particularly well-known for the exquisitely maintained architectural and theological significance they possess. 

A riveting look into the region’s rich cultural and historical past may be gained by following the Mission Trail, a gorgeous path linking various missions.

10. Explore The San Antonio Zoo

Location: 3903 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States

Phone: +1 210-734-7184

The San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo is an excellent destination for families to visit since it has a wide variety of animals, exhibits that are interesting to them, and educational activities. 

The zoo allows visitors to explore several themed zones, such as Africa Live, Amazonia, and Asia, which together give a diversified experience of animals from all over the globe. 

The Kronkosky’s Tiny Tot Nature Spot, which is a play area that is mainly built for young visitors, and the Zootennial Carousel are two of the most popular attractions that can be found at this site. 

Combined with a day full of pleasure, the zoo’s commitment to animal care and conservation provides an enhanced educational experience.

11. Museum Reach of the River Walk

Location: Unnamed Road, San Antonio, TX 78215, USA

Phone: NA

Museum Reach of the River Walk

It is a mesmerizing voyage into the realm of culture and art that may be experienced along the Museum Reach segment of the San Antonio River Walk, which extends northward from downtown.

As you go through this enchanting neighborhood, you will eventually come across several public art pieces, sculptures, and murals that complement the landscape. 

Both the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Pearl District are significant cultural sites that contribute significantly to the lively environment of the surrounding neighborhood. Located along the river, The Museum Reach offers a compelling combination of the beauty of nature and artistic expression.

12. Take a Culinary Tour 

Location: Multiple 

Phone: NA

Culinary Tour

A magnificent fusion of cuisines that represents San Antonio’s diverse cultural background may be found in the city’s culinary scene. Experience the city’s famed culinary pleasures, including Tex-Mex, BBQ, and other regional specialties, as you go on a gastronomic journey and indulge in a culinary experience. 

Discover San Antonio’s gastronomic pleasures by visiting some of the city’s most well-known restaurants and food trucks. The vivid and savory masterpieces that will fulfill the demands of any food enthusiast are waiting for you to indulge in them. 

Immerse yourself in a wide variety of delicious delicacies, ranging from sizzling fajitas to slow-cooked brisket, and go on a gastronomic adventure that elegantly portrays the dynamic cultural character of the city.

13. Enjoy The Natural Bridge Caverns 

Location: 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266, United States

Phone: +1 210-651-6101 

The Natural Bridge Caverns

The Natural Bridge Caverns are a mesmerizing underground location packed with stunning formations such as stalactites and stalagmites. They are located only a short distance away from San Antonio. 

There are several fascinating rooms that visitors on guided tours explore. Some of these chambers include the Throne Room and the Hall of the Mountain King. 

Those looking for an exciting experience will find that the Canopy Challenge and Discovery Tour provide a one-of-a-kind chance to see the natural beauties hidden from view.

14. Explore The Art Galleries in Southtown

Location: 1913 S Flores St, Suite 9, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States

Phone: +1 210-607-9750

The Art Galleries in Southtown

Known for its art galleries, one-of-a-kind stores, and trendy cafés, the Southtown Arts District is a vibrant and varied district known for its artistic community. While exploring the streets, you will encounter various visual expressions, from contemporary paintings to technologically advanced installations. 

Several galleries in San Antonio regularly host art walks and events, which provide opportunities to interact with local artists and get a comprehensive understanding of the city’s extensive and dynamic art scene.

Art lovers and those looking for a bohemian cultural experience are drawn to the neighborhood because of its lively environment, which attracts them to the district.

15. Enjoy The Live Music on the St. Mary’s Strip

Location: 2423 N St Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: NA 

Live Music on the St. Mary's Strip

A region well-known for its live music venues, clubs, and one-of-a-kind ambiance, the St. Mary’s Strip is a district known for its dynamic and energetic environment. 

Attending a live performance at one of the several clubs in the city that showcase a wide variety of musical genres, such as rock, indie, jazz, and country, is a great way to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant music scene. 

Those interested in music and wanting to immerse themselves in San Antonio’s thriving entertainment scene will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the St. Mary’s Strip, which comes to life at night.

16. Attend The Fiesta San Antonio

Location: 110 Broadway Street, Suite 350, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Phone: NA 

The Fiesta San Antonio

If you can be in San Antonio during April, you should attend the Fiesta San Antonio. The festival occurs throughout the city and includes parades, activities, and cultural celebrations.

The streets are filled with brilliant colors, music, and dancing, which showcase the city’s rich cultural legacy. The streets are bursting with activity. 

The festival, which includes the Battle of Flowers Parade and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade, is a celebration that embodies the essence of San Antonio by creating a joyful and colorful environment. 

By participating in the celebrations, you will fully immerse yourself in the city’s lively feeling of community and the enthusiastic environment.

17. Explore The Historic La Villita

Location: 418 Villita St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

Phone: +1 210-207-8614 

The Historic La Villita

Explore the quaint, artistic town of La Villita, located beside the San Antonio River, which is a gorgeous attraction. This neighborhood is well-known for the excellent preservation of its architecture from the 18th century, and it also has a lovely assortment of art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. 

Embark on a lovely excursion through the quaint cobblestone streets, where you will discover a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind handmade products and visit the engaging studios of local artisans.

The lively atmosphere is mainly because La Villita regularly hosts several events and festivals.

18. Explore The Government Canyon State Natural Area

Location: 12861 Galm Rd, San Antonio, TX 78254, USA

Phone: +1 210-688-9055

Government Canyon State Natural Area

If you enjoy spending time outside, consider going to Government Canyon State Natural Area, which is situated in a handy location only a short drive away from the central business district of San Antonio.

You may immerse yourself in the spectacular beauty of the Texas Hill Country by exploring the great expanse of this natural region and using the extensive network of hiking and bike trails available. 

The scenic overlook located near the conclusion of the Joe Johnston Route provides fantastic panoramic views of the landscapes in the surrounding area. This is a beautiful chance to admire nature’s splendor and find peace away from the commotion of city life.

19. Attend The San Antonio Missions Bike Ride

Location: San Antonio River Walk, San Antonio, TX 78214, USA

Phone: NA

Attend The San Antonio Missions Bike Ride

Embark on a lovely bike ride along the San Antonio Missions Bike Trail, which unites all five historic missions, including the world-famous Alamo, seamlessly via a network of paved routes that are well-linked to one another. 

During your self-guided tour, you can visit each mission at your own speed while soaking in its spectacular beauty and profound historical value. You will hire a bike to facilitate your exploration. 

Cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels will be fine getting to the region thanks to the flat landscape and the pathways that have been well maintained. 

While immersed in the missions, you will be surrounded by the natural splendor of the great outdoors, allowing you to experience the excitement of experiencing this active adventure.


After the weekend, we hope that our guide is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in discovering the dynamic cultural and entertainment scene that San Antonio has to offer. 

A broad variety of enlightening experiences, ranging from the mesmerizing melodies of live jazz to the bright artwork of local artists, were included in the selection of handpicked events to present a wide range of choices. 

San Antonio is a city that is well-known for the mesmerizing combination of its history, culture, and the chicness of the present day. The seventeen activities listed here provide a small sample of the vast array of experiences that may be had there.

We hope you continue to uncover the hidden gems that this bustling metropolis offers as you reflect on the memories you have created throughout it. As we look forward to the following weekend, let us raise a glass to the magic and excitement that San Antonio never fails to provide!

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