15 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Dallas

The breakfast scene in Dallas comprises diverse and high-quality brunch spots and morning eateries. 

Dallas offers everything from casual dining spots to Michelin-star restaurants, catering to the food needs of all occasions. 

These restaurants are perfect for breakfast and brunch lovers.

Their menus include comforting breakfast favorites and unique dishes for those exploring new foods. 

Dallas is home to top morning eateries, from family-owned spots that have passionately served the city for decades to national breakfast joints that have found a home.  

Whether you want to find the best places that serve breakfast, the best breakfast restaurant in Dallas with a view, or your new staple brunch joint, this guide has something perfect for you. 

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1. Goodfriend Package  

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Goodfriend Package has served as a staple Dallas breakfast spot since 2011.

Known for its fresh breakfast and lunch sandwiches, this restaurant elevates eating breakfast food into a rich, sensory experience. 

Their farm egg biscuit, with sriracha cheddar and avocado, remains a favorite among patrons. 

Their breakfast menu– served all day– includes biscuit sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and desserts for customers to indulge in. 

Goodfriend Package is a dine-in restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.

It does not offer a buffet but an à la carte menu perfect for anyone’s morning fare. 

This restaurant offers Wi-Fi and highchairs and is a perfect family-friendly brunch delight in Dallas. 

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2. Bread Winners Café & Bakery

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Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery has been a stand-out Dallas breakfast café since 1994.

In addition to its Uptown Dallas location, the franchise has three other locations across Dallas and Plano. 

Breakfast options include warm banana bread, French toast, buttermilk pancakes, farmhouse tacos, and healthy breakfast dishes such as steel-cut oats and avocado toast.   

Their most popular dish, Chicken and Waffles, comes with jalapeno bacon cheddar waffles, crispy chicken, gravy, and maple syrup. 

The restaurant offers bakery foods such as warm cinnamon rolls and croissants and café menu drinks such as cappuccinos and Italian roast coffee. 

Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery does not offer a buffet; it serves drinks, sides, and entrées à la carte.

Highchairs, wheel-chair accessible seating and entrances, and Wi-Fi are offered to customers. 

This bakery and café combines creativity with classic breakfast favorites, making it essential to taste breakfast at Bread Winners. 

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3. Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen, Restaurant & Bakery 

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Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen, Restaurant & Bakery brings a bite of the big apple to Dallas with their New York-style breakfast.

Named the Dallas Observer Best Choice for Breakfast in 2020, Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen is a breakfast spot that can’t be missed. 

In addition to the Forest Lane location, there are three other Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen locations where patrons can enjoy breakfast. 

Staying true to the restaurant’s New York roots, the New York Reuben, which comes with grilled meat, sauerkraut, melted Swiss, and a side of french fries, potato salad, or coleslaw, is their most popular dish. 

Their menu combines American breakfast classics, such as blueberry pancakes and eggs benedict, with deli foods like latkes and pastrami sandwiches. 

There is no Wi-Fi available. The restaurant has dine-in seating and fosters the atmosphere of a casual neighborhood café. 

They do not have a buffet; instead, they provide an à la carte menu with a wide selection for guests. 

Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen offers a kid’s menu and high chairs, making it convenient for families. 

With its hearty breakfast dishes, this New York-style deli in Dallas is a must-visit restaurant for breakfast. 

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 4. Shug’s Bagels

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Shug’s Bagels is a breakfast joint that has two locations in Dallas. 

Known for its authentic and diverse variety of bagels, Shug’s Bagels is a go-to place for morning bites in Dallas. 

A favorite among patrons is the shug breakfast sandwich, which includes bacon, egg, cheese, and hashbrowns. 

Their menu includes several bagels and spreads, and you can build your own egg and deli sandwiches, cutlets, and sweets. 

Shug’s Bagels has indoor seating perfect for dine-in, or guests can grab bagels and other breakfast items. 

This breakfast joint does not include a buffet and serves meals à la carte.

Wi-Fi is offered. 

With their elevated bagels and wide selection of breakfast items, Shug’s Bagels is one of the best breakfast places in Dallas.  

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5. Sadelle’s Highland Park

Since opening in 2016, Sadelle’s franchise has expanded to cities such as Dallas.

Its Highland Park location serves as a gourmet breakfast restaurant. 

Their sticky buns, which The New York Times ranked one of the Best dishes of 2015, are one of their most popular items, alongside their pigs in a blanket, which is on the brunch menu. 

Sadelle’s Highland Park offers breakfast staples such as breakfast tacos and bagels and upscale brunch dishes such as tuna tartare and East Coast oysters. 

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating with chic decor, curating an atmosphere akin to a fancy restaurant

Sadelle’s Highland Park does not offer a buffet; an à la carte menu allows patrons to indulge in the perfect gourmet morning in Dallas. 

Guests can experience a high-quality breakfast at Sadelle’s, which has high chairs for children, creating the perfect family-friendly environment. 

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6. John’s Cafe

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Family-owned and operated since 1972, John’s Cafe has served traditional morning eats for over 50 years. 

The most popular item on their menu is the breakfast special, which features eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, and homemade hash browns or grits. 

Their all-day breakfast menu is divided into breakfast before and after 11:00 AM and includes a selection of omelets, sandwiches, and traditional breakfast favorites such as french toast and pancakes. 

John’s Cafe does not offer wifi.  

This breakfast diner is dine-in and has high chairs for kids, making it a good, family-friendly place for breakfast in Dallas. 

John’s Cafe does not offer a buffet; instead, guests can choose from the carefully crafted menu during their dining experience. 

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7. Original Market Diner

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Original Market Diner has been a noteworthy Dallas breakfast spot since 1954. 

The most popular dish among the classic morning meals on their menu is the chicken fried steak served with baked macaroni and cheese, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. 

Their diner food includes morning comfort food such as old-fashioned smoked ham, eggs, and stacked buttermilk pancakes.

In addition to these breakfast classics, Original Market Diner serves pies, sandwiches, salads, and hand-dipped shakes. 

Dine-in seating is available. A buffet is not offered; guests are given an à la carte menu. 

Original Market Diner offers a kid’s menu and high chairs, making it among the best breakfasts near Dallas for families. 

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8. San Martin Bakery and Restaurant

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San Martin Bakery and Restaurant has been offering its cuisine since 1974.

Its cuisine combines traditional Guatemalan food with methods and recipes from European bakers, developing a unique blend of flavors for guests. 

Their Pan de Muerto French Toast is a patron favorite among breakfast items, and their almond and chocolate croissants stand out among their breakfast pastries. 

This bakery and cafe in Dallas serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and beverages such as Spanish latte and artisan hot chocolate. 

San Martin Bakery and Restaurant does not have a buffet and provides dine-in seating.

Wi-Fi and high chairs are offered for kids, making it a breakfast cafe perfect for families.    

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9. La Victoria

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La Victoria is a breakfast joint that serves morning Latin cuisine in Dallas. 

They are famous for their breakfast burritos, named “Best Breakfast Burritos” by the Dallas Observer in 2010, and reign as the restaurant’s most popular item. 

In addition to its breakfast burritos, the restaurant offers a variety of breakfast tacos and Huevos Rancheros, a Latin breakfast dish. 

This restaurant does not offer Wi-Fi or a buffet; patrons can choose from an à la carte menu.

Outdoor seating is available. 

With their fresh and authentic Mexican flavors, you won’t miss the chance to taste breakfast at La Victoria. 

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10. Margaret’s

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Margaret’s is a ranch-to-table breakfast restaurant that provides guests with food sourced from local farms. 

They’re just a good burger, including a double four-oz smash patty, chipotle bourbon ketchup, and roasted garlic aioli, one of their most popular brunch selections. 

Margaret’s offers a breakfast menu that includes skillets, fresh juices, and charcuterie boards.

They also offer entree items such as croque madame, black forest ham, a pinwheel croissant, and Dallas benedict made of crispy English muffins, eggs, and smoked barbeque brisket. 

They do not offer a buffet; guests can choose from their menu, which offers gourmet breakfast items perfect for morning fare. They offer dine-in seating with a sophisticated atmosphere. 

With large glass windows, Margaret’s provides guests with a stunning rooftop view of the Dallas Arts District. 

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11. AllGood Cafe

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AllGood Cafe has been serving southern comfort food in Dallas since 2000.

In addition to the homestyle breakfast they serve, they provide live music for guests to listen to while they enjoy their breakfast. 

This breakfast spot’s most popular dish is its mega egg sandwich, which consists of a hard-fried egg, shaved ham, avocado, tomato, cheddar, and Tabasco mayonnaise on sourdough. 

AllGood Cafe serves breakfast classics with a Texas twist, including South Austin migas and a Texas Omelette.

They also serve breakfast tacos, buttermilk pancakes, oatmeal, biscuits, and gravy for guests to enjoy.   

They do not offer a buffet or Wi-Fi but provide indoor and outdoor dine-in seating.  

Dining information: 

  • Timings: Sunday to Wednesday, 8 AM – 3 PM, Thursday to Saturday, 8 AM to 9 PM 
  • Days: Open all week 
  • Reservation: No reservations
  • Website: AllGood Cafe
  • Phone: +1 214-742-5362
  • Address: 2934 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226 

12. City Hall Bistro

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City Hall Bistro is a luxury breakfast restaurant located in The Adolphus Hotel.

Their CHB Benedict, which includes an English muffin, duroc ham, cheddar cheese, eggs, tomato, aioli, and breakfast potatoes, is their most popular item.

Their breakfast and brunch menus offer morning dining staples such as buttermilk pancakes and breakfast sandwiches.

They also serve sweets and a baker’s basket, where guests can choose from breads and desserts. 

City Hall Bistro has dine-in seating and curates an elegant atmosphere, making it a downtown Dallas restaurant perfect for those looking for a sophisticated breakfast experience. 

Although a breakfast buffet is not offered, patrons can choose from an à la carte menu of their favorite bistro breakfast items. 

Wi-Fi and high chairs are offered, allowing families to enjoy a bistro morning together. 

Dining information: 

13. Jonathon’s Diner

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Johnathon’s Diner is a breakfast diner with four locations across Dallas.

Their chicken fried steak, which comes with two eggs, brunch potatoes, and toast, is the most popular item on their menu. 

Their menu includes homestyle breakfast items such as peanut butter jelly waffles, breakfast tacos, and eggs benedict. 

Jonathan’s Diner does not offer a breakfast buffet; guests can choose from a menu. 

Jonathan’s Diner offers indoor and outdoor dining seating, Wi-Fi, and high chairs, making it ideal for indulging in morning comfort food. 

Dining information: 

14. Oddfellows

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Oddfellows is a breakfast cafe that has been serving Dallas since 2012. 

The Buffalo Mac is highly recommended. It features fried chicken, tenders, buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles, and cheesy mac. 

Their breakfast and brunch menus include cafe breakfast options such as salads, soups, sandwiches, and pancakes.

They also offer cheese and charcuterie items for guests to choose from. 

A buffet is not offered; patrons can choose from an à la carte menu. 

Oddfellows has indoor and outdoor dining seating.

Their cozy, bright atmosphere makes this morning’s eatery a great romantic restaurant.  

Wi-Fi and highchairs are available. 

Dining information: 

15. La Reunion 

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Since 2019, La Reunion has served as a non-traditional Dallas breakfast spot that offers brunch selections, cocktails, coffee, and live music,

One of the most popular dishes on their breakfast menu is their B.E.C breakfast sando, which comes with house bacon, egg scramble, cheese, and avocado on La Casita sourdough. 

La Reunion’s morning dining options include bacon, potato, black bean breakfast tacos, sandwiches, salads, and pastries. 

This breakfast cafe is dine-in, with a comfortable atmosphere for enjoying morning delights. 

They do not offer a buffet, and Wi-Fi is available.  

Dining information: 

Best Breakfasts in Dallas, as Per Reddit

For more information on the best breakfast spots in Dallas, this thread on Reddit’s r/Dallas includes several contributions. 

Top mentions include Goodfriend Package, famous for its biscuit sandwiches, and AllGood Cafe, which was recommended for its bacon, migas, and pancakes.  

John’s Cafe is beloved for its food, prices, and staff. Biscuit Bar in Deep Ellum is one of the best breakfast restaurants near downtown. 

Other recommended breakfast spots include Norma’s Cafe and Snooze, which have several locations across Dallas. 

Three Eggs Muffin was called a hidden gem, and Mama’s Daughters Diner received several mentions. 

This thread offers a variety of morning eateries, making it a handy resource for finding the best breakfast restaurants.  

Best breakfast spots?
byu/WaffleBroGuy inDallas


Dallas has no shortage of breakfast restaurants and brunch spots, resulting in a vibrant breakfast scene that guests can indulge in. 

Dallas offers a diverse selection of breakfast cuisine, from the New York-style deli items at Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen to the Latin-inspired cuisine at La Victoria’s. 

Shug’s Bagels is the spot for bagel fans, and Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery offers healthy breakfast options for a fresh start to the day. 

Jonathan’s Diner and Original Market Diner bring the comfort of breakfast favorites, while Sadelle’s serves creative brunch selections. 

Whether you are looking to feast on breakfast classics or expand your palette by exploring new morning eats, with the elevated breakfast scene in Dallas, there are plenty of excellent morning eateries. 

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