17 Best Places to Eat brunch in Austin Texas

Nicole Diaz | February 23, 2022

It’s not that brunch in Austin is hard to find. In fact, there’s an incredible variety to choose from. Austin’s brunch scenes have grown in the last few years and have something for everyone. To narrow down your search, here are our recommendations for the best brunch spots in Austin.

List of 17 Best Places to Eat Brunch in Austin, Texas

  1. Jade Restaurant
  2. Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum Restaurant
  3. Magnolia Cafe
  4. Cenote
  5. Cafe Java
  6. Kerbey Lane Cafe
  7. Snooze An A.M. Eatery
  8. Jack Allen’s Kitchen
  9. First Watch
  10. Moonshine
  11. Sawyer & Co.
  12. Le Café Crêpe
  13. La Madeleine
  14. Vivel Crêpes & Coffee
  15. The Original Pancake House
  16. Forthright
  17. Josephine House

Jade Restaurant

3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy C-200, Austin, TX 78746

For all-around Asian fare, Jade Restaurant takes the gold star. Their delectable Peking duck and chicken with black bean sauce are just two of the delicious options. Stop by the clean and comfortable Jade Restaurant for a brunch sure to hit the spot.

Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum Restaurant

1203 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703

Any Austinite will tell you the bar scene on 6th street in Austin is insane. That being said, the brunch scene is no slouch either. Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum is both and takes the concepts to a new high. The sleek and sophisticated restaurant serves a mouth-watering selection of dim sum with every filling imaginable. 

Magnolia Cafe

1920 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Magnolia Cafe is an unforgettable location for brunch in Austin, TX. The scenic restaurant, established in 1979, is a key business in the city specializing in Tex-Mex comfort food. There’s always a line because no matter how much time passes, Magnolia Cafe is still that good.


6214 Cameron Rd, Austin, TX 78723 (1 other location)

Most Austin brunch places hit different, but none so much as Cenote. An amalgamation of Austin cultures – with American, Asian, and Hispanic inspired dishes – make up the menu and provide something to please everybody. Their hibiscus mint tea and smoker burger are personal favorites.

Cafe Java

11900 Metric Blvd Suite K, Austin, TX 78758 (1 other location)

Cafe Java has a special place in my heart. During high school, most of my off campus lunches took place at the nearby Cafe Java, where I could eat my fill of heavy, homey pancakes and seasonal coffee to rival Starbucks at any time of day. The enormous dessert and pastry selection is a definite benefit as well. 

Kerbey Lane Cafe

2200 Aldrich St #100, Austin, TX 78723 (8 other locations)

When it comes to brunch places in Austin, Kerbey Lane can’t be ignored. The chain has been family-owned since its inception in 1980 and takes pride in its local roots. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples are solidly executed for a consistent and dependable meal any day.

Snooze An A.M. Eatery

1109 E 5th St #180, Austin, TX 78702 (2 other locations)

A visit to Snooze is good for both your stomach and your soul. For the benefit of your stomach, Snooze offers a selection of creatively reinterpreted traditional breakfast foods, like their pineapple upside down pancakes. For your soul, Snooze responsibly sources all ingredients, engages in composting and recycling, and donates one percent of proceeds to the community. 

Jack Allen’s Kitchen

3010 W Anderson Ln Ste D, Austin, TX 78757 (4 other locations)

Be sure to reserve your spot at the best Sunday brunch Austin at Jack Allen’s. Their motto, “local in source, Texan in spirit,” emphasizes the freshness and comfort present in every plate. Additionally, every time I’ve been to any Jack Allen’s location I’ve been incredibly impressed with their customer service.

First Watch

10710 Research Blvd #1110, Austin, TX 78759 (4 other locations)

My personal vote for the best brunch in Austin goes to First Watch. Their pomegranate sunrise brunch cocktail is incredibly refreshing and their lemon ricotta pancakes have a beautiful tartness throughout sure to brace you for the day. You can join a waitlist before leaving your house and pay at the front after finishing your meal, so there’s never any rush to arrive or leave, making for an altogether relaxing morning. 


10525 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78717 (1 other location)

Moonshine is notable for how light, yet filling, their meals are. Everything goes down like a fine wine, and their brunch is no exception. A meal at Moonshine is a fine dining experience with a fun flair to it, and wouldn’t be complete without a serving of challah french toast. 

Sawyer & Co.

4827 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

A little taste of New Orleans during Austin Saturday brunch is a welcome detour. Sawyer & Co. plate up a little southern charm with a distinctly Texan hospitality. Stop by for a spectacularly spiced gumbo or some hot boudin balls that hit the spot. 

Le Café Crêpe

200 San Jacinto Ave, Austin, TX 78701

Austin brunch downtown is best because of the multitude of one-of-a-kind cafes available. Le Café Crêpe is one such establishment. Straight from France, the brother and sister team in charge of this bustling cafe serve up the lightest, most satisfying crepes you’ll ever try.

La Madeleine

9828 Great Hills Trl #650, Austin, TX 78759 (4 other locations)

This French restaurant chain prepares some of the most decadent desserts and french toast options you can get from a chain. The rustic restaurant is a great place for a chic brunch with friends. Their caesar salad dressing is the bomb, and along with other condiments and soups is available for purchase at La Madeleine locations.

Vivel Crêpes & Coffee

2011 Main St #500, Lakeway, TX 78734

Making its way from Hawaii to Houston, and finally to Austin, Vivel Crêpes & Coffee brings a modern flair to the traditional crepe. Inspired by the flavors of Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, Vivel caters to a wide variety of preferences. Additionally, the care given to each cup of coffee makes for an energizing brunch.

The Original Pancake House

1700 W Parmer Ln #650, Austin, TX 78727

Is there anything better than a pancake for brunch? No chance. The Original Pancake House understands this, and has a menu packed with every kind of pancake you could ever want. The fancier cousins of the pancake – crepes, waffles, and french toast – are also abundantly represented.


35 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701

Locally owned Forthright provides the no-fuss kind of experience Austin isn’t known for. When you need a break but still want a quality brunch, Forthright is there with a typical American menu and free parking. With bright flavors like apple and coconut sprinkled throughout the menu, visiting Forthright is a no-brainer.

Josephine House

1601 Waterson, Austin, TX 78703

For a particularly luxurious brunch experience, this Jeffrey’s sister restaurant is the place to be. Josephine House is located in a historic Clarksville cottage and serves eclectic fare at their marble-top bar or out on the lounge-worthy lawn. A savarin or tartine is sure to satiate any high-end taste buds in your party, while brunch staples like pancakes and croissants are available for more traditional diners.