Everything To Know About Food Hall At Bottling Dept In San Antonio

The Pearl is a San Antonio hot spot known for its legendary restaurants, unique shops, and cool events. San Antonio locals know there is nothing like the Pearl’s Saturday morning farmers market or catching some live music in one of the green spaces.

If you decide to visit, you will also notice that the Pearl is home to Hotel Emma and the Culinary Institute of America. The Culinary Institute is one factor that has made the Pearl such a staple location for good food. Both La Gloria and Savor, two popular restaurants at the pearl, are products of the Culinary Institute.

The food doesn’t stop there. In 2017 The Bottling Department Food Hall opened expanding the Pearls culinary experience. This is an area where several unique restaurants can come into one space and share their love of food. The best way to describe this space would be San Antonio’s interpretation of Chelsea Market in New York or Ponce City Market in Georgia.

4 Famous Food Places in the Bottling Department

There are currently four different restaurants in the Bottling Department. Each restaurant brings a different flavor to the food hall making it easy for everyone to find something they will enjoy. The first location worth mentioning is Fletcher’s Hamburgers.

1 – Fletcher’s Hamburgers

There are so many different burger joints in San Antonio, but Fletcher’s is one burger that you can’t miss. Don’t be afraid to load your burger with some extra bacon if their patty blend is juicy enough for you.

2 – Bud’s Southern Rotisserie

It would be a crime to not have comfort food and Bar-B-Q options in a food hall located in Texas. Bud’s Southern Rotisserie makes sure to check both of those boxes. You cannot come to the Bottling Department and not get some of their Mac N’ Cheese.

You know the kind of Mac N’ Cheese that your grandma makes at Thanksgiving and that you dream about all year? Stop waiting for the holidays because Bud’s will give your grandma a run for her money. If you are not a huge Mac N’ Cheese person try a Bud’s Spud. There is nothing like a loaded baked potato.

4 – Mi Roti

Mi Roti is the newest addition to the food hall, and it specializes in Caribbean street food. Before eating at Mi Roti, I had never heard of or tried Caribbean food. After eating their jerk chicken bowl, I will defiantly be going back.

If you are an adventurous eater, ask for your bowl loaded with their most popular options! Also, don’t leave without trying their Masala Fries. They are a little sweet and a little spicy and are unlike any other fries.

3 – Tenko Ramen

Adding some different flavors to the Bottling Department is Tenko Ramen. I am in no way a ramen cynosure but when asking around Tenko’s ramen is consistently raved about. Another unique restaurant is Mi Roti.

Whatever location you decide to try don’t forget to stop at The Bar at the bottling Department. The Bar has an extensive wine and beer list along with mixed drink options.

Even though Covid-19 has made social interaction difficult the Bottling Department Food Hall has been able to rekindle what it feels like to enjoy food in a group setting in a safe way. After grabbing some good food and enjoying the scenery at the Pearl life finally started to feel a little bit more normal.

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