Best Breweries in San Antonio

Natalie A Briceno | March 16, 2022

When it comes to places like breweries, the conversation can get a little rowdy. It can get especially fun when we’re talking about which ones are better. Whether you’re here for a good time or a strong opinion, here are my four top picks for the BEST breweries located in (or near) the one and only San Antonio, TX.

Best Overall

Okay, I can see where this category makes things a little tricky. How am I just gonna outright shame all of these local breweries with the tip tap of my keyboard? This is just a healthy disclaimer that this opinion was made in good fun (and calculated from a variety of different factors that I think makes a good brewery). Here’s the drumroll. The best brewery overall, to me, is Weathered Souls Brewery Co. This company is located in Embassy Oaks Shopping Center, so not too close or too far from downtown San Antonio. They have great food, great drinks, and great service. And honestly, that’s all we need. Even now with the pandemic, times and takeout services are impeccably executed. If you want an all around place, you got it here.

Best Vibe

For this category, I was thinking of a place that is more aesthetically pleasing and gives you comfort as soon as you walk in. The best vibes always come from the places that feel the most opening and friendly. If you’re interested in a place like this, then Longtab Brewing Company is the brewery for you. It has a nice, clean atmosphere that is super inviting.

Best Special Drinks

My favorite type of breweries are the ones with special drinks and special flavors. And if they’re themed drinks, it’s even better! This kid friendly, dog friendly, people friendly brewery is just the place for someone with taste. Conveniently located very close to downtown San Antonio, Dos Sirenos Brewing takes the win for best special drinks. They have drinks based on some popular mythology. It would be worth a shot checking out their takeout menu.

Best Takeout

Now that almost all breweries are working on their takeout game, let’s acknowledge the one doing the best so far. Freetail Brewing Co, also conveniently located near downtown San Antonio, has done a tremendous job organizing their curbside pickup and fulfilling the hopes and dreams of their customers. Not only that, they have partnered their service with Grubhub meaning you can get all your favorite drinks delivered to your doorstep. Ain’t this a wonderful life.