CC’s Sweets – Detailed Review for 2022

Jessica Garcia | January 2, 2022

Being home from college for the summer means hitting up my favorite food places I have missed during the school year, and I am so excited to take you along with me. Located in McAllen, Texas, CC’s Sweets is the perfect bakery for those with a sweet tooth who want a creative twist to their favorite treats.

This past week I had the opportunity to review some of CC’s Sweets’ most popular desserts, and my review is nothing less than favorable. From strawberry lemonade cupcakes to mangonada macarons, CC’s Sweets is a bakery that is not afraid to think, or should I say bake, outside the box.

The Cupcakes

After a tough decision of which sweet to taste first, I chose the cupcakes. CC’s Sweets has a wide selection of cupcake flavors. Some of these change weekly, ranging from classic birthday cake to churro flavor. This past week’s ‘Fun Flavors’ were: Churro, Rocky Road, Banana Split, Strawberry Lemonade, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel, and Cake Batter.

All the cupcakes were flavorful and made my mouth water after the first bite. Personal favorites: Churro (cinnamon sugar swirl cake with cinnamon sugar buttercream), Rocky Road (chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, marshmallows, and almonds), and Cake Batter (vanilla funfetti with cake batter buttercream).

The Macarons

Next, I tried the macarons. Like the cupcakes, the macarons had creative and unique flavors and were excellent in taste. The flavors I tried were Pistachio, Birthday Cake, Watermelon, Rosewater, Cookies & Cream, Mangonada, Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate. I had never tried a macaron, but after having CC’s, it is safe to say I am a macaronholic. Personal favorites: Cookies & Cream (tastes like an Oreo), Fruity Pebbles (tastes just like the cereal), and Watermelon (tastes like a watermelon-flavored candy).

The Cookies

I left the cookies for last. I felt guilty eating them at first; the decorated cookies were too pretty to eat. I quickly got over this, as boy did they taste heavenly. CC’s Sweets has impressive artistic skills when it comes to decorating their sweets. So not only do they look amazing, but their desserts taste amazing too. They even decorated a Texas Tasty cookie for our visit– how sweet!

& More

CC’s Sweets not only has unique food items but also has an eye-catching interior/exterior design. The bakery’s storefront is welcoming and surrounded by pink walls, which I loved being a fan of the color pink. In addition, the large glass displays show off CC’s wide selection of sweets, capturing the customer’s eye as soon as they walk in. Next to the bakery, CC’s Sweets has a patio that includes pink tables where customers can sit and enjoy their treats. These pink tables are also perfect for taking pictures.

Check out their official website and Instagram @ccssweets for more pictures that will have you driving to McAllen, Texas, to try their mouth-watering sweet treats.