4 Best Bakeries In Austin to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Nikolas Maffei | January 23, 2022

With Spring under way, the time has once again come to highlight some of Austin’s finest. Austin is an extremely culinarily diverse city, and has a staggeringly sheer number of excellent bakeries. For this reason, it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly is the best given the options available. In our humble opinion, these are some of the best bakeries in Austin to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4 of the Best Bakeries In Austin Texas

  1. Texas French Bread
  2. Capital City Bakery
  3. Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop
  4. Brentwood Social House

1 – Texas French Bread

Texas French Bread: Home to Croissants and More Delicious Things

First opening its doors in 1981, this cozy little bakery and brunch destination at 29th and Rio Grande is a campus-area classic that recently celebrated its 40th birthday. The embodiment of a Texas-style bakery, its workers are there an hour before its 8 AM opening time, 7 days a week, all year long. Texas French Bread prides itself on baking all its recipes from scratch using only organic, wholesome ingredients. The croissants, specifically the Cinnamon & Sugar Croissant, are some of the flakiest and soft I’ve ever eaten.

Right now, Texas French Bread’s dining room is currently closed due to COVID. Guests can still reserve ahead of time for full service in its beautiful garden seating or opt for curbside pickup. Texas French Bread is a bakery at heart, but to not mention its delicious brunch and dinner menu would be a disservice to the restaurant. TFB works with local farms to source all of its ingredients, and its selection of meals rotates throughout the seasons.

2 – Capital City Bakery: It’s All 100% Vegan

Capital City Bakery: It’s All 100% Vegan

Situated in a cozy turquoise house-turned-shop, Capital City Bakery deserves a mention as one of the best bakeries in Austin. Perhaps more interestingly, it is one of the best choices around for 100% vegan pastries and cakes. Opening its first storefront location in 2012, it has quickly earned a name for itself with cupcakes and brownies made fresh daily. When I first visited, I was completely unaware of the vegan aspect of the brownie I was eating. On another note, the S’mores Loaded Brownie is one of the tastiest things on the menu and comes highly recommended!

Capital City is open to anyone seeking a completely vegan (though not necessarily healthy) source of baked goods in Austin. It is an independently owned and operated business opened to guests from Thursday – Sunday every week. In-store seating is limited right now, but the bakery is currently providing curbside delivery. So not to worry, all of your custom vegan cake needs can be met.

3 – Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop: Bring on the Cupcakes

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop: Bring on the Cupcakes

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop is a shining example of what a little creativity can do for one’s baking. Starting in 2008, owner Olivia O’ Neal has continued her mission to provide some of the best cupcakes in Austin. The bakery dedicates itself to quality in everything it makes, and features a monthly rotating menu made with only high quality and fair-trade ingredients. They expertly craft and decorate cakes of all sizes, and bake them to order every morning. You can choose from the tiny yet delicious Hummingbird cupcake to their personalized Pet Portrait or Creature Cakes.

If you want to discover the truth for yourself, Sugar Mama is serving up sweets from Tuesday to Saturday, every week, from 10 AM – 7 PM. It’s recommended to place orders in advance to have enough time for them to bake fresh. Currently, curbside pickup and delivery are the only options for guests due to COVID.

4 – Brentwood Social House: English-Style Breakfast and Brunch

Brentwood Social House: English-Style Breakfast and Brunch

Brentwood Social House may have the appearance of a small neighborhood café, but it is home to some of the best English-Style breakfast and brunch this side of the pond. The coffee and tea house features a huge selection of European-inspired pastries both sweet and savory. Speaking of savory, I know that the showcase has been overwhelmingly sweet thus far. With this in mind, Brentwood’s Texas Sausage Roll is otherworldly and deserves a special shout-out. Brentwood is a family-friendly spot and have designed their menu to be appealing for people of any age. They carefully manage the atmosphere of the shop, featuring games for kids to play and the ability to rent out individual rooms for private occasions.

Being a restaurant that depends on its status as a social space, the spread of COVID has caused Brentwood Social House cleverly adapt to the times in order to keep up. Guests aren’t currently able to eat in the main hall, but BSH is now offering a backyard rental service! This allows visitors to reserve their own tea party/picnic for up to 10 people. You place orders through an online system, with the pastries being available for curbside pickup upon arrival. Guests can take advantage of this service 7 days a week, as the restaurant is open from 8 AM – 3 PM every day.