Sharetea Austin – Detailed Review of Bubble Tea Store

Sharetea was first established in 1992 in Taiwan, with a menu consisting of black tea and pearl mint tea drinks that could be taken to go. The company regards itself as one of the pioneers in the boba tea industry, which is justified by its 30-year timeline of experience and expansion to over 300 locations in more than 16 countries. Clearly, Sharetea is loved around the globe.

Sharetea was first established in Taipei, Taiwan by Cheng Kai-Lang, who was looking to offer affordable and authentic boba drinks to customers and make them accessible around the globe. The company is now known for its delicious milk teas in a wide variety of flavors as well as its fruit teas, all with the option to add boba pearls or other toppings.

Sharetea three flavors

Sharetea prides itself on using fresh ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan at all of its locations. These high-quality tea leaves are what make the company’s drinks so delicious, and explain their years of success.

The company also emphasizes that they routinely check their tea leaves as well as other ingredients each growing season to ensure only the highest quality. Sharetea is also known to have only the nicest of employees, who are completely accommodating to guests and truly ensure that everything is perfect with their order.

The ambiance of the restaurant provides a fresh-feeling, joyous atmosphere for customers to come and go or sit and enjoy their drinks. The store has gained popularity in Austin as people continue to have positive experiences with it and is regarded as one of the best boba joints in Austin. The wide range of options on their menu is sure to satisfy anyone’s tea craving.

Sharetea Menu:

The Sharetea menu is organized in such a way to ease the process of ordering for guests. The first section covers all of their fruit tea options, which come in at either $4.25 or $4.50 without the addition of any other ingredients. Their Wintermelon Lemonade option comes for $4.25 and offers the sweet, nostalgic taste of lemonade paired with a refreshing burst of watermelon. This drink hints at feelings of summer and relaxation and is perfect to cool you off on hot days.

Sharetea also has many classic milk tea options, ranging from $3.75 to $4.75 a piece. Their Coffee Milk Tea, priced at $4.25, offers the classic taste of coffee transformed into a sweet and milky concoction. This form of traditional drink is great for a midday pick-me-up.

Their Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea drink, priced at $4.60, tastes just like roasted brown sugar and is sure to satisfy a sweet craving, with the addition of boba pearls to refresh.

Sharetea from the menu

Sharetea’s brewed tea is all priced at $3.75 and offers traditional brews as well as some of their own unique flavors. Their Ginger Tea is perfect to cure a sore throat and make you feel like you’re having a self-care moment.

Likewise, their fresh milk teas are just as delicious. For matcha lovers, their Matcha with Fresh Milk option, priced at $4.50, is a great option to try. The matcha tasted home-grown and fresh to offer a sense of revitalization, paired with the fresh milk to create a great balance.

A unique offering by Sharetea is their mojitos, which are freshly-brewed green tea drinks paired with fresh lime and mint. Their Peace Mojito, priced at $4.75, offers this delicious mixture with an addition of peach flavor jam to pack in more sweetness.

Additionally, their ice-blended drinks offer a slushy-like consistency that is perfect for hot Austin days. The Strawberry Ice Blended with Lychee Jelly and Ice Cream, priced at $5.50, offers a mix of lychee peach jam with a green tea flavor, accomplishing a fruity yet healthy feel.

Sharetea another flavor

All of Sharetea’s options are also able to be supplemented with various toppings, which are all an extra $0.75. Some of these toppings include boba pearls, various flavors of jelly, aloe vera, and ice cream. These toppings are able to add uniqueness to your drink and give it an edge when you are wanting to try something new.

Sharetea Online Order Process:

The Sharetea online ordering process is quite simple and only requires a few steps:

  1. Go to their website and ensure the correct location is chosen.
  2. Select your pick-up time and day from the drop-down menu (drinks can be ordered several hours ahead and even days in advance).
  3. Choose what drink you would like to order.
  4. Now, you can customize it based on ice level, sweetness level, and any additional toppings you want with your drink, which come at an additional $0.75. You are also able to take out any toppings if the drink already comes with them.
  5. Hit the “Shopping Cart” button in the top right corner and follow through to checkout. (here you can also adjust the quantity of drinks that you want if you want to get more than one of the same options).
  6. Verify that your location and pickup time is correct. Enter contact information so the store can notify you when your drink is ready, as well as payment information. Sharetea offers both credit/debit card payments as well as Cash App Pay.
  7. Place your order and enjoy your drink!

Austin’s Sharetea Location and Hours

The Sharetea tea store is located in the northern area of Austin, close to Cedar Park and Round Rock. The store is conveniently right off of Highway 183, therefore making it accessible to anyone looking to grab a quick drink.

The location is less than a 20-minute drive from Central Austin, which is very much worth it for a delicious tea. Currently, the Austin locations operating hours are from 12 pm- 10 pm, with a cut-off time of 9:45 for any online orders.

Sharetea Austin FAQs

How many locations does Sharetea currently have?

Sharetea has around 300 stores located around the globe, and currently has branches and franchises in over 16 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines.

What kind of ingredients does Sharetea use?

Sharetea uses fresh ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan at all of its locations. These high-quality tea leaves ensure fresh and delicious drinks and are routinely tested to ensure the highest standard for their customers.

Is Sharetea open for franchising?

Sharetea is open for franchising! The company has decades of experience and a track record of expansion, as well as being easy to operate and maintain. One can find their process for franchising on their website.

Where do you provide nutritional information?

Nutritional information about all of the drinks Sharetea offers can be found on their website. Here, you can find information about the amount of Kcals, Saturated Fat, Sodium, Carbs, and Sugar in each of their drinks.

Does Sharetea offer drinks for dietary restrictions?

While no items on the menu are made specifically for dietary restrictions, all drinks are customizable and able to fit your needs. For allergies regarding dairy products, the fresh milk teas have almond and soy-milk options, and the classic milk teas use non-dairy creamer.

Is Sharetea Austin currently taking reservations?

Sharetea Austin does not take reservations for seating, as it functions on a first-come-first-served basis. However, customers are able to place online order pickups well in advance for a specific date and time, so the restaurant can have their order ready whenever needed.

Does Sharetea Austin have outdoor seating?

Unfortunately, Sharetea Austin does not have outdoor seating. However, they have a very spacious indoor seating area that is able to accommodate several large groups.

Sharetea store


Austin’s Sharetea is conveniently located in proximity to the heart of the city and offers several ways to accommodate customers’ needs. Their wide range of options is to provide something for everyone, as well as offer various drinks for people to try so they never tire of visiting the store.

The seamless online ordering process makes it easy for customers on the go to get their drinks in a timely manner and make sure their visit accommodates each of our personal schedules.

Sharetea’s transparency about their use of fresh and authentic ingredients highlights that they truly care about the customer experience, which is only exemplified by their excellent customer service and welcoming ambiance experienced in their store. Give the Sharetea in Austin a try next time you’re craving the satisfaction of a milk tea.

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