5 Boba Tea Places in Austin TX

Marcy Lara Estrada | June 23, 2022

Honestly, it is getting hotter than tapioca balls here down south, especially in Austin, Texas. When I am craving a nice middle between tea and milk, my body instantly knows what it wants: Boba tea.

5 of the Best Bubble Tea Spots in Austin Texas

Here’s a quick list of the most popular Boba tea spots located around Austin, Texas.

  1. Gen Bobabee & Coffee House
  2. Teacup Boba House
  3. Sharetea
  4. Cocos Café
  5. K-Bop

1 – Gen Bobabee & Coffee House

gen bobabee and coffee house in Austin

Located in Chinatown Center, this boba filled delight is surrounded by delicious smells even before you walk through the door. Gen Bobabee offers various different drinks, from house coffee milk teas to smoothies, slushies, and a none tea special.

The place inside is very aesthetic (perfect for that insta pic!) including a wall covered in the prettiest painted flowers. My favorite drink to get here is their Taro Smoothie with Tapioca Pearls, less sweet!

Address: 10901 104 N Lamar Blvd A, Austin, TX 78753

2 – Teacup Boba House

teacup boba store in Austin

Located on Riverside Dr., Tea Cup Austin prides itself into caring about what goes into everyone’s cup of tea. The tea they use is loose leaf, instead of the usual artificial powders and tea bags, and use local milk sourced from Shamrock Farms. They offer out-of-the-ordinary drinks, such as an “Avalanche” and “Mangonada”, as well as classic brews and fruit teas.

My personal favorite is the Brown Sugar Milk Tea – any of their drinks can be made with almond milk upon request. Similarly, if you like to eat things made with brown sugar, then you should try sugar free desserts because it wouldn’t compromise your healthier lifestyle.

Address: 1725 E Riverside Dr unit b, Austin, TX 78741

3 – Sharetea

Sharetea store in Austin

Sharetea has various branches across the US, with all ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan. The Sharetea in Austin offers the classic milk teas, as well as creamas, moitos, ice blended, and even your own option of taking ½ gallon teas to go! A drink I have been dying to try is the Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea – essentially caramel toffee. Who doesn’t love a perfect blend of crunchy and creamy all in one sip?


13343 US-183 #275, Austin, TX 78750

8557 Research Blvd Suite #118 Austin, TX 78757

4 – Cocos Café

CoCo's Cafe in Austin

Located on Guadalupe Street right across from the University of Texas, Coco’s is a locally owned business that is near and dear to my heart. Their menu extends from drinks to food as well, some of their most popular items being their curry fried tofu or a jasmine green tea + lychee jelly. My personal favorite is to get a coconut & taro smoothie w/ soy milk & tapioca pearls. Hits the spot every single time.

Address: 1910 Guadalupe St Austin, TX 78705

5 – K-Bop

k-bop in Austin

K-Bop Austin is an outlet right next door to Coco’s that offers authentic tasting Korean healthy food & bubble tea. They’re particularly known for their bulgogi – thin slices of beef prepared by marination and grilling.

Their drink menu varies from hot & iced milk, green, and smoothie teas, & their food menu offers ‘kimbops’ – a Korean style roll, as well as soups and bowls. My favorite is the Honeydew smoothie with the tofu kimbop – hold the mayo and egg. 

With so many unique milk tea options and areas, there is never a shortage of Austin things to do – especially when trying to crave that tea tooth. Next time you need to give into your boba craving, try out one of Austin favorites!