Manolis Ice Cream, Pastries & Cakes – Detailed Review

Have you ever thought, you know what would be great, an ice cream shop in Austin that is also a European patisserie and serves Italian ice and sorbet in a trailer. All of us have been there, right? Manolis Ice Cream, Pastries, and Cakes @manolisatx made it happen. The family-run truck Manolis in Austin lives on the South First Food Court, at the corner of South 1st St. and West Live Oak St.

Manolis Ice Cream Menu

They have pastries and cakes made from scratch, including mousse cakes, tiramisu, and tres leche. If you need to cool down, try one of their many ice cream flavors.

manolis has some amazing pastries

You can go for classic cookies and cream or try one of their flavors made with fresh fruit and pulp, like passion fruit or guava. They also have sorbet, ice pops, flavored ice, and affogatos, which is a shot of espresso over ice cream, if your feeling fancy.

Manolis Ice Cream Timings

Manolis is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4pm to 11pm.

Address: 8907 Circle Dr Austin, TX 78736

Manolis Seating Area

Manoli is a trailer located in the South First Food Court with other food trucks. They have picnic tables, with umbrellas, of course, to enjoy Texas weather.

manolis seating area

Reservation of Manoli’s Ice Cream

No reservations are required. Just go on up to the window and order.


Austinites know that some of the best quality foods come from a truck. Manolis is keeping that tradition alive, with their homemade European-style desserts, ice creams, and other treats. Not many places can do a black forest cake and a mango ice pop, but Manolis does, and does it well. Whether you are looking to indulge or get a cold treat for the summer, head on over to Manolis Ice Cream, Pastries, and Cake.

why you should choose Manolis again


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