27 Food Trucks in Austin You Should Not Miss

January 1, 2022

As winter sets in for most of the northern United States, Texans can appreciate one thing we can enjoy that those in snowy states can’t: our amazing food trucks. Whether you’re perusing Austin for a unique dining experience, meeting up with friends at a park, or just grabbing a quick bite, these Austin food trucks are an easy go-to for anyone.

27 Food Trucks in Austin Texas

Short on time? Here’s a concise list of Austin’s food trucks you can skim through to select the most suitable option nearest to your location.

  1. Veracruz All Natural
  2. The Mighty Cone
  3. Via 313
  4. Revolution Vegan Kitchen
  5. Patrizi’s
  6. Bananarchy
  7. Gourdough’s
  8. Coat and Thai
  9. Abo Youssef
  10. El Primo
  11. Hey Cupcake!
  12. Arlo’s
  13. Churro Co
  14. Luke’s Inside Out
  15. Beirut
  16. Conscious Cravings
  17. Mmmpanadas
  18. Song La
  19. Saperlipopette
  20. Pitalicious
  21. Coolhaus
  22. Mellizoz Tacos
  23. Manolis
  24. Wholly Cow Burgers
  25. My Granny’s Kitchen
  26. Mom & Pops All Natural Frozen Pops
  27. Stony’s Pizza Trailer

1 – Veracruz All Natural

Started by two sisters in 2008, Veracruz All Natural now has six locations in and around Austin and is famous for their incredible breakfast tacos. Pictured above is their Line Hotel “food truck,” which you’re sure to find a line at any day of the week. 

Must-try item: Migas Taco. 

2 – The Mighty Cone

The Mighty Cone began as an ACL-exclusive food truck, but their popularity led to a permanent location at The Picnic food truck park every weekend. 

Must-try item: The Chicken Cone (duh!)

3 – Via 313

From Austin to Utah, Via 313 has six locations in total–three food trucks and three brick-and-mortar restaurants–and five more coming soon. Stop here for authentic Detroit-style pizza brought to you by two brothers and self-proclaimed pizza enthusiasts.

Must-try item: The Detrioter (why not commit to the experience?)

4 – Revolution Vegan Kitchen

Revolution Vegan Kitchen is determined to convince you that vegan food doesn’t have to mean sacrificing real flavor. Open Wednesday-Sunday, find them at Thicket Food Park. 

Must-try item: Mac N Cheeze

5 – Patrizi’s

Coming to us from Beaumont, Texas, Patrizi’s Italian Restaurant opened in their original location in 1948. For genuine Italian cuisine with a rich family-oriented history, come by the Vortex Theater Courtyard any day from 5-9:30.

Must-try item: Pasta Pomodoro

6 – Bananarchy

With two locations (one in South Austin and one on-campus), Bananarchy has situated itself at the intersection of ethics and deliciousness. Stop by either of these famous food trucks for customizable desserts sourced from socially responsible companies. 

Must-try item: The Joe Banana 

7 – Gourdough’s

Possibly home to the ultimate dessert, Gourdough’s has made a name for themselves among Austinites since 2009. Come here for more donut than you can eat–which you can then take home and have for dinner. 

Must-try item: Black Out (for hardcore chocolate fans)

8 – Coat and Thai

Though you may sometimes have to wait a bit for your food at Coat and Thai, it is well worth it. Stop by The Picnic food truck park for some authentic Thai food.

Must-try item: Pad Thai

9 – Abo Youssef

Without too much humility, Abo Youssef is considered by many the falafel capital of Austin, Texas. Come here for some excellent grilled meats and vegetables and the best products chickpeas can offer.   

Must-try item: Falafel and Gardenia Plate

10 – El Primo

El Primo began fourteen years ago in the food court of Dobie Mall. Their food truck’s location (pictured above) is on South 1st Street and is still providing the time-tested authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Must-try item: Super Torta

11 – Hey Cupcake!

Located at the native hotel, Hey Cupcake! is open for pickup and delivery Wednesday-Sunday (hours available on their website). Come by soon to try some of their seasonal flavors!

Must-try item: Red Velvet

12 – Arlo’s

Arlo’s boasts a 100% plant-based menu and acclaim for their (vegan) burgers. This food truck is the place to go for classic American food with a new-age twist. 

Must-try item: Bac’N Cheezeburger

13 – Churro Co.

Founded by two friends from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Churro Co. pays homage to the food that reminds them of home. They’re open Thursday through Sunday. 

Must-try item: Texas Comfort

14 – Luke’s Inside Out

Luke's Inside Out - Burger Weekly

Luke’s Inside Out boasts a plethora of fantastic reviews and a visit from Guy Fieri himself. Stop here any day of the week to try one of their Food Network approved sandwiches. 

Must-try item: The Vegetable

15 – Beirut

Beirut is a family-owned and operated trailer bringing you traditional Lebanese cuisine as close as The Domain. As their website recommends, come hungry.

Must-try item: Shawarma Fries

16 – Conscious Cravings

Conscious Cravings is proving once and for all that your personal morals do not mean you need to give up flavor. With a blend of spices from around the world, they’re determined to satisfy even the most skeptical palates. 

Must-try item: BBQ Seitan 

17 – Mmmpanadas

Mmmpanadas proves that in Austin, there’s an expert on every kind of food. Trust these local empanada connoisseurs to blow your taste buds every time.

Must-try item: S’Mores Empanada

18 – Song La

Song La is the first food truck to bring Austin authentic Taiwanese street food. They’re also deeply intertwined with the city’s music scene, as demonstrated by their musicians’ discounts and events showcasing local music acts. 

Must-try item: Veggie Bento Box

19 – Saperlipopette

Saperlipopette is owned and run by chef Jean-Baptiste Thouénon, who is determined to stick to France’s classic, simple recipes. His native cuisine and Austin’s love of the food truck are a match made in heaven. 

Must-try item: La Devastator!

20 – Pitalicious

Pitalicious Mediterranean Kitchen prides themselves upon their new takes on traditional Lebanese dishes. Come to one of their four food trucks Monday-Saturday to try one of these signature creations.

Must-try item: Shish Tawook

21 – Coolhaus

What began as a van found on Craigslist hauled to Coachella is now an incredibly successful woman and LGBTQIA+ owned business. Come try Coolhaus to support the future they represent, and also for some fantastic ice cream!

Must-try item: Street Cart Churro Dough

22 – Mellizoz Tacos

Mellizoz Tacos gets its name from the NINE sets of twins (called mellizoz in Spanish). Come taste the product of all of their efforts at their Brodie Lane location!

Must-try item: Fried Avocado Taco

23 – Manolis

Manolis Ice Cream is a true family business-everything is fresh and housemate. Come by their Bouldin Creek location every weekend (Friday-Sunday) from 4-11. 

Must-try item: Tiramisu Ice Cream

24 – Wholly Cow Burgers

Wholly Cow Burgers is home to the most ethical and delicious burgers you’ll find. The beef is raised on the owner’s family’s farm in Fredericksburg, creating the classic taste you love with practices you’ve gotta respect.

Must-try item: Greener Pastures

25 – My Granny’s Kitchen

My Granny’s Kitchen strives to provide their customers with cheap, nutritious meals as an alternative to fast foods. They’re currently only open for food truck lunch catering and corporate catering delivery. 

Must-try item: Vegan Macaroni & Cheese

26 – Mom & Pops All Natural Frozen Pops

Mom & Pops began as two parents wanting their children to try the traditional “paletas” they’d grown up with on the US-Mexico border. When all they could find were sugary, artificially-flavored popsicles, they decided to make their own!

Must-try item: Watermelon Lime 

27 – Stony’s Pizza Trailer

This father-and-son establishment has been called Austin’s best pizza on wheels since 2007. Come try Stony’s Pizza on 6th for hand-stretched and fresh New York style pizza.

Must-try item: The Whole Cheese Pie