Beard Papa’s: Review of Austin Famous Dessert Shop

The Background  

In 1999, a bakery opened up in Osaka, Japan that attracted hundreds of people just by the delicious smells that escaped. Yuji Hirota, the owner, was known as “Beard Papa” to all of his customers because of his memorable white fluffy beard. He was inspired to make a pastry as fluffy and lovable as his beard and just like that, the cream puffs were created. Due to the high demand for these delicious treats, there are now over 400 Beard Papa’s worldwide. 

Whether you find yourself in Japan, Australia, Canada, or America you will always have the chance to satisfy your cream puff craving at Beard Papa’s. Each cream puff is made with a double-layered puff choux on the inside and a pie crust on the outside. A creamy whipped and vanilla custard cream makes the perfect filling for each of these pastries. As time has gone by, so many more flavors have been added to the menu in order to expand the palettes of many and attract more to come! 

Beard Papa’s First Look 

I had heard of this World-Famous bakery and was intrigued to try its freshly baked cream puffs that came in all different assortments because of the unique flavors and flaky crusts. For the past twenty-two years, it has been nothing but a success which explains why Beard Papa’s lands as the number one dessert franchise in the world. I was even able to try a Cookies and Cream cream puff. I didn’t even know such a flavor existed! 

Beard Papa’s First Look 

The yellow interior of the bakery set an appealing and delightful mood. I even was able to appreciate the yellow-covered boxes and paper bags which featured the wholesome Beard Papa’s logo. The five-star service made it easy to order and feel comfortable enough to ask questions regarding the cream puffs. Being that it was my first time I had no clue what to ask for but I was accommodated by the employees and given some of their fan favorites. 

Their first Austin restaurant location is at The Domain where many people like to visit, making this a convenient spot for the bakery. What better place is there to offer their signature cream puffs than at Austin’s premier destination for fashion, luxury, dining, and family fun. I got to enjoy my cream puffs while sitting outside at their tables and soaking in the warm sun.

 first Austin restaurant location is at The Domain

Taste Test

I was given one of their yellow boxes and a white bag filled with a variety of cream puffs that were handpicked just for me. Bobby, the owner, was very welcoming and eager to create a satisfying experience for all of his customers.

I got to carry my cream puffs to one of the outside metal tables where I was ready for the big reveal. Inside the box was an assortment of the Original Cream Puff, Oreo Cookie Crumble Eclair, Chocolate Eclair, and a Green Tea Eclair. I was fortunate enough to get to try at least one bite of each one, but there was no way I was able to finish them on my own. Luckily, with help of some friends, I was able to get the job done. 

 box was an assortment of the Original Cream Puff

You are given the opportunity to customize your cream puff by picking a shell and a custard flavor. The combinations are endless and meant to put a smile on anyone’s face! Each of the cream puffs I tried had distinct flavors thanks to the different shells and switch-off between vanilla and chocolate custard fillings. The Green Tea Eclair was particularly interesting to me because I never thought there was a way to combine two of my favorite flavors (green tea and vanilla) into one! I easily would give each of the cream puffs I tasted five stars because of the creamy filling that accommodates the flaky shells and brings together each distinct flavor.

But, Wait There’s More! 

When people think Beard Papa’s the thing that comes to mind is obviously their decadent cream puffs. I am proud to say that I have finally gotten a taste of what everyone has been talking about. But, I can’t wait to go back and try their delectable new monthly and seasonal cream puff options. They even offer a variety of cakes, ice creams, coffees, teas, and bottled beverages! 

If you find yourself in a predicament on whether you want to go inside and eat a cream puff, have no fear, Beard Papa’s also offers delivery and pickup methods to fulfill your needs. Like I mentioned before, the choices for customizing your cream puffs are limitless. You can browse the menu and see Original Chocolate Eclair, Green Tea Eclair, Honey Butter, Crispy Almond, Oreo Cookie Crumble Eclair, Strawberry Eclair, or S’mores Eclair as your options. Remember, you are free to choose any or all! And, don’t forget the delicious custard fillings – either Vanilla, Chocolate, or Green Tea. 

Feel free to follow them on their Official website or Instagram account @beardpapas to stay updated and enjoy their delicious posts!

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Eva Rogers

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