Sugar-Free Treats in Austin

Megan Aune

One of the most exciting things about any new place has got to be the food. If you have a sweet-tooth like mine, the 512 is more than equipped to accommodate you. Almost every time I talk to my family, I’m telling them about how I dragged my roommate out for cupcakes, or milkshakes, or donuts. I’m always saying I’ll have to take them to all the places I’m discovering next time they come to visit. The appeal is dampened, though, by the knowledge that my dad, who has had diabetes for about ten years. Ironically, he was largely responsible for my love of sugar growing up, but now can’t actually try any of the things I’m telling him about. So, I decided to track down some of the most beloved sugar-free sweets. For those whose blood sugar needs constant supervision or those who are just making some modifications to pursue a healthier lifestyle, here are some drool-worthy sugar-free treats in ATX. 


You may have heard of this shop’s Cupcake ATM, which dispenses freshly baked cupcakes and cookies at any hour. Sprinkles noticed the rabid popularity surrounding their red velvet cupcake and made it available in gluten-free, vegan, and–you guessed it–sugar-free versions. Look for the red “S” atop the decadent cream cheese frosting, and prepare yourself for the rich chocolatey flavor of this classic favorite. 

Mr. Natural

A family-owned business that opened in 1988 and has continually prioritized nutrition and the use of natural ingredients, Mr. Natural’s bakery is accommodating of all dietary restrictions. As proclaimed on their website: “Whatever your need … wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free… we can make it for you!” They make everything from pastries you can go grab anytime to elaborate wedding cakes.

Mammoth Creameries

The inspiration for Mammoth Creameries came when Tim, one-half of the founders, was diagnosed with diabetes. Sympathetic to the ordeal of unsatisfied sweet-tooths, he and his co-founder, Sue, devoted themselves to a health-conscious lifestyle. This eventually led to the creation of this frozen custard. Their vanilla flavor has only 1 gram of sugar per serving (about 4 per container). Mammoth Creameries is also keto-friendly and emphasizes the use of all-natural, Texan ingredients. 

Dream Bakery

As of January 6, the menu at Dream Bakey became exclusively gluten-free and keto (which involves very limited sugar intake). Their menu features such delectable dupes as the Not-a-Ding-Dong, which is completely sugar-free, and the Keto Cinnamon Rolls and Keto Blueberry Scone, which use a natural sugar replacement. If you just can’t choose (and I don’t blame you), try out their Keto Sweets Sampler! 


D’Lites is most famous for their ice cream, which is low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates, but through some wizardry manages to maintain the creamy sweetness we all know and love. This grocery store is stocked with all sugar-free, keto, and low carb products–to give you an idea, their vanilla ice cream has only 1.5 grams of sugar per serving, and their chocolate 2 grams. Before you drop by, make sure to check the weekly flavors on their website. Everything but the chocolate and vanilla classics changes every Sunday!