Albums to Listen to This Fall

With the season of 100+ degree temperatures, popsicles, and funky summertime beats coming to an end, it’s time to enter the realm of autumn leaves, scary movies, and most importantly — building a fall playlist. Many artists love to release music towards the end of summer as seasons change, and we’re definitely not mad about it! Social distancing has left such a huge hole in everyone’s social life, it’s nice to have some good tunes. Whether you’re working from home, headed back to school, or just looking for some new playlists — here are some albums to listen to this fall.

1.   Drake — Certified Lover Boy— TBA

Drake is to release his next full length studio album sometime this fall on the heels of Scorpion.  The popular 2018 release swept the nation with hit singles “God’s Plan”, “Nice For What” and the TikTok famous “In My Feelings”— that had every Keke on the planet begging for people to stop. Champagne Papi has been secretive in regards to the exact release date, but if his latest collab with Lil Durk is any indication, expect some slower tempo beats, a little bit of synth and his trademark catchiness. If you need something to tide you over till then, check out Drake’s “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” on Spotify, a mixtape of leaked songs and SoundCloud demos which is said to be his “warm up’ for this upcoming release. Find Drake and his record label here.

2.   The Killers —Imploding The Mirage— Aug. 21, 2020

After a three-year hiatus where we couldn’t find the brightside (pun intended), The Killers have returned with 10 tracks of pure synth rock and concert ready tunes that’ll have you wishing it were fall 2019. “Caution” is a beautiful mix of drums and punchy lyrics from Brandon Flowers that’ll have you screaming to the lyrics — coming of age movie style. As a matter of fact, the whole release is pretty much akin to something you’d listen to on the way to a new job, a new town or running around with your college friends pre global crisis. “When The Dreams Run Dry” is a beautiful transition from down tempo warbling from “Flowers”, paired with groovy synth and beats, gradually building, then fades out into a buzzing echo, leaving you breathless. It’s a must listen. Find The Killers here.

3.   BTS — TBA — TBA

It’s been a long year for the seven Bangtan Boys. After their world tour for their album “Map of The Soul: 7” was postponed in the spring due to COVID with no clear return date in sight,  both the boys and fans were left reeling and disappointed. The septet released their follow up Japanese album, “Map of The Soul 7: The Journey”, to widespread praise— especially regarding the single “Your Eyes Tell” to be featured in a Japanese drama of the same name. It gets better: on August 21st, BTS released the lead single for their latest studio album to be released in October, a fully English track that broke the record for most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours. It’s called “Dynamite”, it’s as funky as the name suggests, and if we can learn anything about the album from listening, we can expect explosive synth pop, silky production, and the gut punching lyrics BTS has crafted into a perfectly wrapped package release after release. Find BTS here.

4.   Troye Sivan— In A Dream—August 21

Concept albums and Troye Sivan are the music equivalent of pancakes and syrup— they just work so well together and you’re left satisfied. “Blue Neighborhood” in 2015 was met with massive critical and audience praise, especially for the music videos exploring the coming of age of LGBTQ+ teens in a unaccepting space. In this release, another product of the pandemic on this list, Troye explores themes many can relate to during this time: heartbreak, the loss of comfort, and how self-image can bring us down. My favorite is the opening track, “Take Yourself Home”, a song split into two contrasting tempos in each half of the song. It’s almost a love letter to the feelings brought on by COVID-19: “Sad in the summer, city needs a mother, If I’m gonna waste my time, then it’s time to go.” It’s a short EP, with only six songs, but by the last crooning note of “IN A DREAM”, you’ll be wishing it were longer. Find Troye here.

5.   Tame Impala— The Slow Rush— February 14, 2020

We’re throwing it back to pre-pandemic, where Valentine’s Day was more of a promise than a theory and the world was broken but a lot less. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala gives us 12 songs of purely poetic and relatable lyrics that feel like jumping off a cliff into cold water, while simultaneously sinking into a warm bath. The album is refreshing, it’s spunky, reminding us to “Breathe Deeper” and that “The Hardest Part Is Over.”  Admittedly, there’s no way to know that for sure,. Parker acknowledges it sarcastically, that despite progress, there’s a “Wall To Bring Us Closer.” It’s almost like he was fortune telling back in February. Regardless, “The Slow Rush” is just that — a slow rush of emotion and beautiful music. Find Tame Impala here