Whataburger Teams Up with Jake Danklefs to Create Custom Sneakers: A Fusion of Art and Flavor

Whataburger, the beloved Texas-based burger chain renowned for its iconic flavors, has once again stepped into the realm of creative collaboration, this time with celebrated footwear artist Jake Danklefs. The result? A mouthwatering fusion of art and flavor in the form of custom Nike Jordan 3 sneakers.

The Collaboration Story

In a recent interview with us, Danklefs shared insights into how the collaboration with Whataburger came about. With a longstanding relationship with the brand, Danklefs highlighted Whataburger’s enthusiasm for thinking outside the box and embracing creativity. “We have a lengthy working relationship with Whataburger,” Danklefs noted. “They love working with creatives and doing things outside the box, so a few months ago I got a call and we got busy!”

Iconic Nods to Whataburger

The custom sneakers feature numerous nods to the iconic Whataburger brand. When asked about his favorite element of the design, Danklefs expressed his love for crafting the tongues on Jordan 3s. “I love making the tongues on Jordan 3s,” he exclaimed. “Doing the white and orange tongue with the W embroidery on the tumbled leather, that’s my favorite.”

Curious about the process behind creating these one-of-a-kind sneakers? Danklefs shed light on the planning and manufacturing process. “Sometimes you just hit the nail on the head perfect,” he explained. “I made 2 different photoshop designs and one was chosen, then we got busy. We had to wait for the shoe to come in but when we finally got her we got busy.”

Danklefs’ Whataburger Order

And what’s Danklefs’ go-to Whataburger order? With enthusiasm, he shared his beloved combination: “I have ordered the same thing for probably the last 30 years. I’ll stray away from it to try new menu items or breakfast stuff and the occasional chicken sandwich! But I always come back to a sweet tea with a double meat, double cheeseburger, all the way with most importantly, grilled onions and bacon and onion rings instead of fries with ketchup mixed into a side of mayo.”

Enter the Contest

For fans eager to get their hands on these exclusive kicks, Whataburger is hosting a sweepstakes on their Instagram account. The lucky winner will add a pair of these coveted custom Jordan 3s to their sneaker collection.

With the contest running until April 8th, now is the time to enter for a chance to win these one-of-a-kind Whataburger-themed sneakers. Visit Whataburger’s Instagram account to participate and elevate your sneaker game with a dash of Whataburger flair.

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