The Rise of Dogecoin

If you’re on social media then you have probably heard of the internet meme “Doge”. It’s a super old meme and it’s basically a Shiba Inu dog’s face with captions around it to depict what the dog is thinking. Thanks to recent posts and mentions on social media by celebrities Dogecoin’s cryptocurrency has SURGED through the roof.  

What is Dogecoin?

If you have absolutely no idea what Dogecoin is, do not worry. It’s a cryptocurrency, and its price fluctuations are not regulated by any government. Most people invest in cryptocurrency just to watch the value fluctuate. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created back in 2013, partially as a joke. Actually that’s exactly what it is. It was literally made as a joke.

What is the recent surge?

The price for Dogecoin is up by more than 1,600% so far in 2021. The surge boosted its market value to more than $10 billion at one point. Ten Billion Dollars. 

Why is this surge happening?

With the recent craze over the Gamestop shares on the stock market blowing up, many people started to invest in cryptocurrency. And guess which cryptocurrency people are investing in? Yep, Dogecoin. Dogecoin has EXPLODED in investments, mainly thanks to Elon Musk. Elon Musk was recently was named the richest man in the world passing Jeff Bezos. 

If I’m scrolling through Twitter and Elon tweets saying “invest in Dogecoin it’s gonna be the next big thing”. Well then that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Who isn’t gonna listen to financial advice from the richest dude in the world?

Should you invest in Dogecoin?

Well first of all Elon said so, so you should. Just kidding, I know nothing about stocks, BUT stock investors and experts predict that in later years Dogecoin could continue it’s climb up, which means you could sell for huge gains.

*We are not financial advisors and are not advising you to buy Bitcoin.

Eva Rogers

A Texan through and through, her passion for the Lone Star State is evident in every word she writes.Hailing from the vast plains of West Texas, Eva has a deep appreciation for the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines the Texan spirit. Eva crafts articles that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Texas, from its bustling urban centers to its serene rural landscapes.