Pandemic Style: 10 Places to Buy Reusable Face Masks

As the Coronavirus continues to run rampant through the United States every person must do their part to stop the spread. Many states are requiring the use of facemasks and this rule does not seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Instead of reaching for another disposable, blue and white mask, it is time to invest in something a little more stylish.

Many retailers have jumped on this trend and are now producing facemasks to match anyone’s style. Every place mentioned in this article has decided that they will not simply use this pandemic for financial gain. Rather, each company is doing its part to not only protect you but the community around you.

Even though these masks are non-medical-grade it does not mean you shouldn’t be wearing one. The designers have made an effort to create masks that are still making a difference in the spread. So, buy a mask, wear a mask, and help stop the spread of COVID19.

1.Casetify ($15.00)

Next time you go online to buy a new phone case make sure to add one of Casetify’s reusable cloth masks to your cart. Their cotton masks come in black, white, pink, and blue. Something that makes their somewhat standard cotton mask different is that it is fitted with an interchangeable filter. Also, when you buy a mask Casetify donates one.

2.Anthropologie ($26.00, $12.00)

Anthropologie has a plethora of options when shopping for masks. They have partnered with several places to offer unique styles. While partnering with Sanctuary, Anthropologie is offering a set of five, lightweight, earloop, reusable face mask. This partnership has met its goal of donating 70,000 masks to GetUsPPE! In a partnership with, Australian artist, Roopa Pemmaraju, Anthropologie is also selling individual patterned cotton tie back masks.

3.Rag & Bone ($55.00)

Keeping the production of masks within the United States to support local manufactures, Rag & Bone has created a denim looking, pleated mask. Each mask is made with upcycled fabric and $5 from each sale goes to the NAACP.

4.Madewell ($20.00)

This period of confinement has caused many people to turn to online retail therapy. While browsing for new denim or simplistic staples you can now also browse Madewell’s limited edition masks. Madewell sells three-pack, non-medical face masks made from leftover fabric. Some of their patterns include pearl and grey Gingham and white and blue stripes. Madewell has partnered with J. Crew to donated 75,000 single-use masks to the Montefiore Medical Center.

5.Urban Outfitters

Creating an environmentally friendly mask, Urban Outfitters has created an upcycled mask made from linen and ECOVERO. ECOVERO is a fiber made from renewable wood. A portion of the proceeds from the reusable mask set will go to support the American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.

6.Good American ($5.00)

Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede’s brand that focuses on body positivity is now selling reusable masks. Good American offers a 100% Lyocell mask in four different colors. For every mask purchased they are donating another mask to a local business in need.

7.Skims ($8.00)

Another Kardashian sister is using her brand to help protect others. Kim Kardashian’s brand, SKIMS, has come out with a seamless face mask that comes in five nude shades. The masks are made from Nylon and Spandex for breathability. SKIMS is donating 10,000 of these facemasks to Baby2Baby, Good + Foundation, LA Food Bank, and National Domestic Workers Alliance.

8.Old Navy ($25.00)

There are enough patterns and color options to please your whole family when buying a mask from Old Navy. The retailer is offering 5 and 10-packs of triple-layer, cloth, face masks that come in adult and child sizes. Old Navy has donated 50,000 of these masks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

9.Everlane ($25.00)

Using their movement, 100% Human, Everlane has been able to donate over $600K to ACLU. 100% Human was started to support the fight for human rights back in 2017 and is now being used to fight for human life. Each tie-dyed mask in the 100% Human 5-pack is one-of-a-kind and 100% cotton.

10.Athleta ($30.00)

Many gyms are now requiring face masks during workouts. Athleta is selling non-medical face masks that are perfectly paired with athleisure. The combination of polyester, cotton, and spandex make the mask lightweight and breathable. Athleta is also donating 100,000 masks to major healthcare organizations.

Chris Kim

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