VIA 313: Premier Pizza in Austin

Home to a diverse and ever-growing food scene, Austin cements itself as a foodie paradise. According to KXAN as of 2023, Austin’s new restaurant openings increased by 20%, which is 10% higher than the national average. With so many restaurants available for Austin visitors and residents, the options can be overwhelming. Thus, occasionally sticking to classics can serve as the best choice… and this is when Detroit-style pizza restaurant Via 313 shines.


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Dining Experience

On the corner of East 6th Street, a tall, light-up sign reading “Via 313” signaled the presence of this pizza spot and as I walked in, the vibrance of the outside remained prominent inside. On one side, large windows filled a wall bringing light into the restaurant, and an open bar with drinks lining another wall sat on the other end. Several booths and tables filled the space in between, allowing for comfortable seating.

After being seated, I was served a blood orange mule mocktail while my plus-one sipped on the blood orange mule cocktail. The mocktail delicately balanced sweet and sour, with a subtle tanginess that kept the sweetness from overpowering.

As we drank, the first dish of our meal was served– cheesy bread. Staying true to its name, the cheesy bread came with a generous serving of melted cheese which sat atop a light, chewy dough with crisp edges.

Next came the stars of the show– two of their Detroit-style pizzas. We tried the Detroiter and their monthly special, the Margherita pizza. Shaped in squares, the distinct style of Detroit pizza, they both had crunchy crusts paired with soft dough and melted cheese.

Smoked pepperoni sat under the cheese of the Detroiter, while natural casing pepperoni was sprinkled atop, resulting in a delicious layering of meat and cheese. Their Margherita Pizza served as a subtle compliment to the Detroiter. Opposed to the bold flavors of the Detroiter, the Margherita Pizza shined with its light basil flavoring and fresh mozzarella topping.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert. We started with the hubcap, a sweet dish that includes a freshly baked cookie– either chocolate chip, rocky road, white chocolate macadamia, or sugar cookie– topped with vanilla ice cream. We were served the chocolate chip flavor, which was gooey in the center and crisp around the edge. A scoop of light and creamy vanilla ice cream oozed into the cookie as we dipped our spoons into the dish, resulting in a spoonful of cold and warm sweetness.

The cinnamon sticks are made of the same dough as the cheesy bread, but instead of melted cheese on top, a cream cheese icing is drizzled. This dessert, like the hubcap, included contrasting textures– soft and chewy dough with perfectly crisped edges– which elevated the taste of the dish. Divided into eight pieces, the cinnamon sticks are perfect for easy eating and sharing.


Via 313 keeps the familiarity of classic American staple dishes while adding a subtle Detroit-style spin, resulting in a memorable dining experience. I also have to shout out the friendly, welcoming staff who provided excellent service and enhanced our dining experience. Soon, I imagine I’ll find myself walking past the light-up sign and through the doors once more, hungry and satisfied with the knowledge that the thick crusted, cheesy pizza — and dessert – I’ll eat won’t disappoint.

Riddhi Bora

Riddhi Bora is a rising sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin studying Journalism. Riddhi is passionate about exploring new places and aims to use her writing to highlight their unique cultures. In her free time, Riddhi enjoys learning new recipes, dancing, going on runs and reading.