The Vegan Sushi Spot In Houston TX

The Vegan Sushi Spot is a staple for Houston Vegans who still want to experience sushi that fits their dietary needs. A refreshing twist on sushi, The Vegan Sushi Spot has a wide selection of rolls that will make you think twice whether or not you’re eating “vegan sushi.”

Vegan Sushi Spot Menu

As the menu mentions, this pop-up shop is 100% vegan and will satisfy your sushi cravings; the menu also has gluten-free and soy-free options.

menu of the vegan sushi spot

Currently based in Houston, TX, Chef Chris is making a name for The Vegan Sushi Spot with some fantastic flavors in the sushi rolls on the menu. It’s nice to know that vegan sushi exists. It doesn’t have to be “basic” for people to identify with some of their favorite sushi experiences.

The Food

From spicy to crunchy, I recommend trying a little bit of everything if this is a first-time experience. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or neither, The Vegan Sushi Spot is a universal place for anyone to enjoy.

the vegan sushi spot dish from the menu

One of my favorite sushi rolls on the menu is the “Tropical Roll.” With a lighter taste on the palate, the filling of this tropical roll is vegan spicy “tuna,” cucumber, topped with avocado, mango, bell pepper, and then drizzled with spicy mayo and sweet sauce. The uniqueness of every roll is impressive, and each sushi roll has a distinctive taste.

The presentation of the sushi rolls is another fun detail that stands out to me. Chef Chris does an outstanding job putting so much thought into the sushi rolls on the menu. It’s a plus that the sushi rolls are so pretty to look at while you’re devouring them. 

tropical roll from the menu

The “Spicy Dragon” is another favorite of mine. I appreciate the “kick” of flavor it has from the spicy mayo. The filling consists of vegan spicy tuna and cucumber, topped with avocado, chili powder and a drizzle of spicy mayo and sweet sauce. Similar to the “Tropical Roll,” The Spicy Dragon roll is a perfect choice for those who enjoy some heat in their food.

The Vegan Sushi spot is open weekly, but the hours of operation change depending on the day! The pop-up location also changes, so stay on the lookout to try some of the best sushi in H-town! Follow The Vegan Sushi Spot on Facebook and Instagram @thevegansushsispot to stay updated with new items on the menu.

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