Fun Indoor Things to do in Houston

Houston, a prominent city in Texas, boasts a vibrant atmosphere with a plethora of activities. However, the downside arises during the spring to fall months when the weather becomes uncomfortably hot for outdoor pursuits. To counter the heat, here are some indoor things to do in Houston that are worth exploring.

9 Best Indoor Things to Do in Houston  

  1. The Houston Museum of Natural Science
  2. Space Center Houston
  3. The Galleria
  4. Children’s Museum Houston
  5. National Museum of Funeral History
  6. The Music Box Theater
  7. Cockrell Butterfly Center
  8. NRG Stadium
  9. Saint Arnold Brewing Company

1. The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Address: 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030

Phone: (713) 639-4629

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Photo from Wolfgang Manousek from Dormagen, Germany

This family-friendly destination offers diverse exhibitions and showcases animal replicas within the museum premises. Additionally, visitors can explore a butterfly center, plantarum, and a giant screen, all housed within the museum. Notably, on select Tuesdays, free general admission is available on a first-come, first-served basis from 5 to 8 p.m.

2. Space Center Houston

Address: 1601 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058

Phone: (281) 244-2100

Space Center Houston
Photo from Space Center Houston

The Space Center stands out as a premier destination when exploring Houston, offering a multitude of engaging activities. Inside, visitors can immerse themselves in exhibitions and have the unique opportunity to hear insights from a former NASA astronaut. The experience extends to allowing guests to physically touch a moon rock that is actually from the moon. Distinguished as one of the largest accessible space stations in the United States, the Space Center serves both as a visitor attraction and a training facility for astronauts. 

3. The Galleria

Address: 5085 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056

Phone: (713) 622-0663

The Galleria
Photo from Simone Mall

 Embarking on a day of shopping is always a fun way to spend your day, and the Galleria offers an enticing experience with its vast selection of over 400 stores, including 70 exclusive to Houston. Beyond shopping, the Galleria boasts an extensive food court featuring a diverse array of dining options. Adding to its allure, the mall houses a year-round ice skating rink, providing visitors with a unique and enjoyable recreational activity. As an additional incentive, the Galleria stands as the largest mall in Texas, making it a compelling destination for those seeking a comprehensive and unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience.

4. Children’s Museum Houston

Address: 1500 Binz St, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (713) 522-1138

Children's Museum Houston
Photo from Kid City Houston

This place proves to be an excellent destination for families seeking relief on scorching summer days. Featuring tailored events corresponding to holidays and specific days, the establishment hosts interactive exhibits and hands-on activities designed for children to explore and engage with. Recognized as one of the largest children’s museums, it also has a dedicated kid city section.

5. National Museum of Funeral History

Address: 415 Barren Springs Dr, Houston, TX 77090

Phone: (281) 876-3063

National Museum of Funeral History
Photo from Houston Press

This museum proves both enjoyable and educational for individuals of all ages. Its exhibits delve into the history of funerals, offering insights into the diverse ways countries honor their departed presidents, kings, and queens. Additionally, the museum organizes an annual charity golf event. Notably, it boasts the largest collection of funeral artifacts in the United States, making it a compelling destination for those exploring Houston.

6. The Music Box Theater

Address: 12777 Queensbury Ln, Houston, TX 77024

Phone: (713) 522-7722

The Music Box Theater
Photo from The People’s Critic

This venue excels in providing a diverse entertainment experience, featuring options such as enjoying a beer, attending live shows, and relishing comedy routines. With offerings that encompass both comedy performances and concerts, this establishment has been an integral part of Houston’s cultural landscape since its establishment in 2011. For those seeking a blend of live music and laughter, this venue stands out as an ideal destination.

7. Cockrell Butterfly Center

Address: 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 7703

Phone: (713) 639-4629

Cockrell Butterfly Center
Photo from TEXScout / Texas Film Commission

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is a captivating exhibit located within the Houston Museum of Natural Science, offering visitors an immersive experience in a lush rainforest habitat filled with thousands of beautiful and diverse butterflies. This enchanting attraction provides a unique opportunity for both children and adults to witness the mesmerizing life cycle of these delicate insects while exploring the wonders of the natural world.

8. NRG Stadium

Address: NRG Pkwy, Houston, TX 77054

Phone: (832) 667-1400

NRG Stadium
Photo From NRG Park

At this stadium you can enjoy a concert, football game or even the rodeo. The home of the Houston Texan football team and they are known to have huge concerts there like Taylor Swift Eras Tour and other pop singers. They are also supposed to host 7 matches for the world cup in 2026. Their stadium has also hosted a Super Bowl most recently in  2017. 

9. Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Address: 2000 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77020

Phone: (713) 686-9494

Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Photo from Tripadvisor

They are a renowned craft brewery celebrated for its diverse and flavorful beer offerings. Since its founding in 1994, Saint Arnold has been a pioneer in the Texas craft beer scene, consistently producing high-quality brews and fostering a vibrant community of beer enthusiasts.Their most known for being Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewey. They also host special events and have a place to enjoy your beer. They also offer a good hangout atmosphere. 

While this is only a list of 10 places to go in Houston there are so many more things to do in Houston as a whole. This is a good place to start though or even if you are from Houston and haven’t visited these places. Hopefully you can add one or all of these places to your itinerary when you visit Houston.

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