Burger Bodega – Smash Burgers In H-Town

Burger Bodega has announced its first brick-and-mortar location will open to the public on Thursday, November 3. After a successful year of pop-ups starting in September of 2021, Burger Bodega will now serve the Houston community at a permanent location on Washington Ave.

Burger Bodega’s new home has some exciting menu additions, and will model a bodega atmosphere, with a New York feel, while embracing Houston elements.

The Burgers

Originally, the Burger Bodega pop-ups only served a Double Smash Burger, with two smashed patties, american cheese,  grilled onions, housemade pickles and bodega sauce on a potato bun. Now guests will be able to choose from a single, double or triple patty.

Along with the smash burgers, Burger Bodega will serve a Classic Cheeseburger with american cheese, shrettuce, tomatoes, onion and bodega sauce on a sesame bun.

Other new menu items include the New York Bodega staple, Chopped Cheese, with two chopped patties with american cheese, onions, bell pepper, shrettuce, tomatoes and bodega sauce on a hero roll; Screwed Fries, crispy cut thin fries with cheese sauce, onions and bodega sauce; Chopped Fries, with chopped beef, cheese sauce, onions, bell peppers and bodega sauce; and shakes ranging from Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vietnamese Coffee and Mango Lassi.

The shake program was created by Craft Creamery, the former owners of Burger Guys. Their most popular shake was the Vietnamese Coffee shake, which will continue to have a presence on Burger Bodega’s menu. The Mango Lassi Shake pays respect towards Abbas’s Pakistani culture.

“With years of working in the fast food industry for my family’s business, I’ve always had the dream of opening up my own restaurant,” said owner Abbas Dhanani. “All the overwhelming support from the city over the last year at each pop-up truly has been amazing, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring my passion project to Washington Avenue.

I started my food instagram @houstoneatz with the goal to promote other local restaurants and chefs in Houston, and Burger Bodega will be able to bring that goal full circle by showcasing products from local restaurants in the city. I can’t wait to serve the city, and bring a little bit of New York with a Houston flair to Washington Avenue.”

We can’t wait to visit and share our experience.

Eva Rogers

A Texan through and through, her passion for the Lone Star State is evident in every word she writes.Hailing from the vast plains of West Texas, Eva has a deep appreciation for the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines the Texan spirit. Eva crafts articles that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Texas, from its bustling urban centers to its serene rural landscapes.