Citizens of Montrose Review

Citizens of Montrose is a newly opened Australian “brekkie” cafe in Montrose, Houston. The “Citizens” brand came to life when two Australians, Justin Giuffrida and Andrew Geisel, met in a Manhattan coffee shop. In 2016, they began opening Citizens cafes across New York City and became a respected entity in multiple neighborhoods, with Citizens of Chelsea, Soho and Gramercy.

The pair decided to expand down South and landed on Houston, a cultural melting pot with a diverse and exciting food scene. Montrose is a hip and thriving neighborhood, so it’s no wonder they picked this locale to set up shop this June.

In the suite that shares a building with Velvet Taco, there is lots of seating, including booths, bar and patio. The decor is aesthetically pleasing and the ambiance is just right for any occasion: enjoying mimosas with friends or getting work done by yourself is easy in the versatile environment.

The food and drinks menu is expansive and portions are decently sized. We tried the cheddar biscuit brekkie sandwich, the Margot Robbie (Barbie bowl) and the smoked salmon eggs.


The cheddar biscuit brekkie sandwich was recommended by our server and it ended up being our favorite! The biscuit was dense, moist and full of flavor. It comes with bacon, a scrambled egg, cheddar cheese and tomato chutney, and the sandwich was huge! Every bite was bursting with flavor. We definitely rate it a ten out of ten. 

The Margot Robbie bowl has a dragon fruit base, making a bright pink smoothie that was super refreshing in the Texas heat. The apples, pineapple and strawberries on top were fresh and beautifully assembled. It comes topped with coconut flakes and bee pollen as well, adding more flavor and antioxidants to your meal.

The smoked salmon eggs were also impressive. The eggs were perfectly poached with a jammy interior and the sourdough bread was soft and delicious.


For drinks, we tried the cold brew and an oat milk matcha latte. The coffee was smooth and delightful and the matcha was perfectly balanced. The drinks menu has both caffeinated treats and cocktails, so take your pick from its lengthy list.



The restaurant also gives back to the community. For their Local Legends campaign, they give each customer a bottle cap. The customer then can decide which cause out of three options they would like to support and puts their bottle cap in the corresponding jar. Each bottle cap represents a portion of the profits that will be donated to the cause.


We totally recommend checking Citizens of Montrose out. They’re located in an awesome part of town, perfect for any occasion and know the importance of giving back. You won’t be disappointed!

Eva Rogers

Eva Rogers, a proud Texan and contributor for TexasTasty, infuses her writing with a deep passion for the Lone Star State. With roots in the vast plains of West Texas, Eva treasures the unique fusion of tradition and innovation that embodies the Texan spirit. Through her articles, she celebrates the diverse tapestry of Texas, exploring everything from its vibrant urban centers to its tranquil rural landscapes.