VELVET TACO – An In Depth Review

Looking for a taco with a twist? Velvet Taco remains high on my list of “must-see Austin restaurants” because of its far-from-average menu and funky vibe. With two locations around Austin, Velvet Taco is a spot you won’t want to miss.

The Appetizers

As a true-advocate for queso, I was easily persuaded to order the “Chips & Queso Blanco” which was a great addition to my meal. The creamy texture with the blue corn chips made for a really delicious starter. I also added the “Elote & Chips” which was a mixture of queso listo, Valentina, crema, queso fresco, lime and blue corn chips that made me almost get up and order another because of how tasty this was.

The Tacos

The menu at Velvet Taco is anything but ordinary. Separated by different kinds of protein, it is a menu that is easy to read and made me hungry just by looking at it. The first taco I ordered was the “Picnic Chicken” which had rotisserie chicken, avocado crema, warm honey-dijon potato salad, crispy chicken skin and cilantro all on a flour tortilla. The fresh and zesty taco was something I had never quite had – and loved!

Next up is the “Mexi-Cali Shrimp” taco. As a huge shrimp person, this felt like a must-try for me. The mixture of blackened shrimp, napa slaw, sriracha aioli, avocado corn pico, micro cilantro on a flour tortilla was a new and fresh take on a shrimp taco that I really enjoyed.

Sticking with the fish-theme, the next taco I ordered was the “Shrimp & grits” taco. This combo of creole remoulade, blackened shrimp, crispy pepper jack cheese grits, charred tomato salsa, micro cilantro was too interesting of a taco not to try. All combined in a corn tortilla, this taco was among one of the most interesting, yet tasty bites I’ve had in a long time.

The final taco is the twist of a classic dish that we know and love so well:  “Chicken & Waffles”. The taco, filled with crisp tenders, peppered bacon, peppercorn gravy, green apple slaw, maple syrup, red chile aioli, and chives were put into a waffle taco shell, making sure to stay authentic to its name. This taco is a perfect example of Velvet Tacos unique takes on a classic taco and making it something fun for the customers to enjoy.

Overall Experience

Velvet Taco not only has great food, but such a fun vibe as well! At the Domain location, the outdoor patio space is the perfect spot for groups looking for a bite before bar-hopping across the street to Wonder Bar. It’s near perfect location, mixed with it’s super distinctive feel is the reason why I find this restaurant to be one of the best taco places in Austin!

Photo Credits: Meghan Lake

Chris Kim

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