Tous les Jours Bakery In Austin – Detailed Review

Have you ever gotten that midday craving for a pain au chocolate? Or the sudden urge for a tiramisu latte? I sure do. That’s why the Tous Les Jours Bakery on N. Lamar Blvd is my go-to spot for all my pastry – and fancy-drink needs!

What I love about this popular French-Asian style bakery is that it sells some of the most creatively-flavored, high-quality baked goods, for a great price. Their unique recipes perfectly marry traditional French textures (flakiness, crunchiness, fluffiness) with delectable Asian flavors (matcha, ube, red bean).

The warmly lit interior is reminiscent of a Parisian boulangerie, welcoming pedestrians and passers-by. It truly is the perfect stop for a mid-afternoon break!

Tous Les Jours Menu

Pastries, cakes, beverages and even small meals! Tous Les Jours Bakery’s menu has a wide range of on-the-go food offerings, from sweet to savory. Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite must-try items.

Tous les Jours menu


Bread & Pastries

The artisanal pastries at Tous Les Jours are my absolute favorite. Their deliciously soft milk bread, not only comes in a cute gift-style package but also is filled with some of the creamiest pudding-like filling I have ever had.

Looking for something a little more savory? I’d steer you toward the wide-array of croissants they bake fresh every morning. They are the perfect balance of buttery and flaky with multiple flavors such as Traditional, Chocolate, Strawberry, Almond, and Hazelnut Chocolate!

Wanting to try something new? One of the latest additions to the Tous Les Jour menu is the Honey Cheese Mochi pancake, inspired by a popular Korean street food called ‘Hottoek’. The cream cheese filling and sweet honey glaze perfectly compliment the fluffiness of this one-of-kind pancake. I’d highly recommend this item, for both newcomers and long-time patrons!


In addition to quick snacks, Tous Les Jours sells masterfully-crafted cakes (by the slice and whole)! I personally like that they have such a large selection of different kinds of cakes, such as Cloud, Buttercream, and Mousse. Not only that! Tous Les Jours regularly adds new cakes on a rotating seasonal menu – inspired by holidays and seasonal flavors.

Tous les Jours cakes

Some of the cutest cakes I have seen include… the spookalicious “PB& J Cake” served during Halloween which included a strawberry jam filling and a decorative ghost on the side and the Thanksgiving “Fall Sweet Potato Cake” adorned with a festive autumnal wreath. You can find more of their creative seasonal cakes on their website.

In addition to their seasonal flavors, Tous Les Jours keeps some of their most popular flavors all year long, such as the Triple Chocolate Mousse and the Classic Mocha. Their mocha cake has a fluffy, creamy texture and just the right amount of sweetness, whereas, the Triple Chocolate mousse is a chocolate lover’s heaven with three creamy layers on top!


Don’t forget to pair your pastries with a signature coffee or herbal tea! Personally, I like to have their coffees in the morning. Some days, I go for some of their classic drinks, on others, I like to be more adventurous! I’d recommend their Honey Lavender Macchiato or Iced Tiramisu latte.

Tous les Jours beverages

Plus, for a limited time, Tous Les Jour is offering a London Fog for $2 when you purchase Earl Grey Latte Cake!

Business hours of Tous Les Jours

The Tous Les Jours bakery is open from 9 am to 8 pm, seven days a week.

“Tous Les Jours” means every day in French after all!

Tous Les Jours FAQs

Does Tous Les Jours have seating options?

While there are a few spots to sit within the H-mart location, the store itself is best for an on-the-go style visit, as seating is limited.

Does Tous Les Jours Deliver?

Yes! Tous Les Jours delivers via UberEats and DoorDash. Check out their website for more information!

How many different kinds of baked goods do they serve at the bakery?

Tous Les Jours offers more than 300 different kinds of baked goods, including artisan pastries, gourmet cakes and desserts, and handcrafted beverages! Check out their menu before you go, or explore their options in-store!

Are there Gluten Free Options?

Most of Tous Les Jours’ products are NOT gluten-free. However, their macarons are gluten-free and include flavors such as Rose, Raspberry, Grapefruit, Earl Grey, Chocolate, and Blueberry Lavender.

Who owns Tous Les Jours?

Tous les Jours is owned by The CJ Group, a company based in South Korea. They have 1,650 Tous les Jours bakery locations worldwide, with more than 70 stores in the U.S.!


With their wide selection of artisan pastries to beautifully-crafted cakes, Tous les Jours is sure to impress your taste buds. The unique flavor combinations in their menu items make this bakery one of my personal Austin favorites. And I am not alone!

Their Instagram @touslesjoursusa has over 37k followers, not to mention their success around the world with over a thousand locations globally!

See what all the hype is about and stop by Tous Les Jours next time you’re in the neighborhood!

Claire Hartemink

Houston - born and raised, Claire has always had an appreciation for good food. With a background in Creative Advertising and storytelling, she loves to discover new honest brands. She recently moved to Austin for college where she got to explore the local food scene and found a hobby in food writing. Whether it be choosing the best hot sauce or writing about local Austin eats, Claire loves to share her favorite places around town.