5 Best Thrift Stores in Austin You Should Visit

Second-hand stores are, by far, one of my favorite ways to find new clothes. Not only is fast fashion hurting my wallet, but it’s hurting the planet. Thrifting is one of the ways I try to be more sustainable without breaking the budget. Lucky for me, Austin has thrift stores on nearly corner. Here are some of my favorites:

1 – Buffalo Exchange

A staple in any college student’s wardrobe, Buffalo Exchange never fails. While their items can be a little more on the expensive side, they are of excellent quality and help you reduce your carbon footprint by continuing to shop second hand. Not once have I walked out of Buffalo Exchange empty-handed, even if my wallet was begging me to. 

Buffalo Exchange has a great selection of men’s and women’s clothing ranging from ACL fits a wine night with your friends. In addition to their clothing options, Buffalo Exchange has incredible accessories and some of the best earrings and jewelry in town.

2 – Austin Pet’s Alive Thrift

This is, by far, my favorite thrift store in Austin, Texas. Everything is a set price in the store unless specifically marked, making it much easier to shop. Austin Pet’s Alive Thrift often does grab bag sales to buy a bag for $10 and fill it with as much clothing as you can fit. They have some fantastic items; I’ve gotten a nice Nike windbreaker from here and some great vintage prints that I hung in my living room. I love APA Thrift not only because of their excellent selection but also because the proceeds go back to the APA themselves.

3 – Flamingos Vintage Pound

One of the more unique stores in Austin, Flamingos, sells clothes by the pound. Known for its phenomenal jackets and t-shirts, Flamingos also has a great selection of denim. It’s hard to walk out empty-handed from Flamingos, but even harder to not drop an entire paycheck in one visit. Full of incredible finds, Flamingo is a destination for many and in the heart of Austin, a few blocks north of UT Austin’s campus. Packed full of vintage jackets, shirts, and dresses, Flamingos is a one-shop when you need something new to go out.

4 – Texas Thrift Store

Another place I never walk out empty-handed, Texas Thrift, has a little bit of everything. Located right off of I-35, Texas Thrift is a popular spot and always has a great selection. While most stores don’t have dressing rooms to try on your haul, Texas Thrift does. They also have a great selection of business and business casual clothing, perfect for interviews or work that won’t break the bank. Additionally, unlike other thrift stores, Texas Thrift has toys, appliances, and other random knick-knacks.

5 – Savers

Different days mean different discounts at Savers, and it is full of hidden gems. I hadn’t heard of Savers until I moved to Austin, and I was really missing out. Packed full of clothes, appliances, furniture, and everything in between, Savers is the ultimate thrift store. Everything is reasonably priced, and it’s easy to spend hours here. Savers isn’t unique to Austin, they have stores across Texas, but their location on Burnet is one of the best.

Chris Kim

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