The Texas Tasty – Top 10 DFW Summer Treats

Melt Ice Creams @melticecreams

With two locations in Fort Worth, Melt Ice Creams is beginning to grow and take over the ice cream world! A hidden gem in the Magnolia neighborhood of Fort Worth and in the ever-busy downtown area of Sundance Square, Melt is the perfect place to stop by on a summer night after dinner. With the six classic ‘Always Flavors’ and an ever-rotating menu each weekend and seasonally, Melt constantly offers new handcrafted flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

Sweet Sammies @sweetsammies

Located at Crockett Row in the hip West 7th neighborhood, Sweet Sammies is a signature Fort Worth staple. The classic sweet sammie consists of a scoop of Bluebell ice cream between two warm homemade cookies. Other favorites include edible cookie dough and a hot brownie bowl sundae. Sweet Sammies is one-of-a-kind and the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer!

Creamistry @creamistry

With locations all throughout the state, Creamistry offers a wide array of customizable liquid nitrogen ice cream. After selecting your base flavor, customers are able to add the toppings or upgrades of their choice. Specialty items like ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and to-go pints of ice cream are also available. On top of being a delicious treat to cool you down on a hot summer day, watching the creation of liquid nitrogen ice cream makes for a unique ice cream experience! 

Milk & Cream @themilkncream

Home of the milk bun, Milk & Cream takes an ice cream sandwich to the next level. Topped with nearly any cereal of your choice, this sweet treat is truly the first of its kind! Milk & Cream also offers the more traditional ice cream on a cone. Its location in East Dallas makes it a convenient dessert option for those located in Uptown and Deep Ellum, too!

Pop Bar @popbarftw

Craving a popsicle with a twist? Pop Bar is the perfect place for you! These gelato, sorbet, and yogurt-based popsicles are customizable with over 15 different toppings. Pop Bar offers options to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions with gluten, dairy, and nut-free flavors. Our personal favorite location is in Fort Worth, with scenic views of the Trinity River and outdoor seating at WestBend; a beautiful outdoor shopping mall.

Funkytown Donuts @funkytowndonuts

Taking a breakfast favorite to a whole new level! Loaded donuts are all the rage throughout DFW this summer. FunkyTown Donuts is in the heart of downtown Fort Worth and emulates the same hip vibes throughout the city. Gluten free and vegan donut options allow customers with dietary restrictions to enjoy a treat that is otherwise hard to comeby.

Cinnaholic @cinnaholic.fortworth

Cinnamon rolls are becoming an essential dessert throughout DFW! Cinnaholic is the perfect place to go if you are craving a loaded cinnamon roll with any frosting or topping you could imagine. Cinnacakes and bite-sized cinnamon muffins are other popular ways to fulfill your desire for cinnamon. With exposed brick and industrial-style seating, Cinnaholic has an urban atmosphere you’re sure to love!

Let’s Roll Ice Cream @letsrollicecream_iriving_texas

One of the latest trends in the ice cream world is making its way to DFW. Rolled ice cream is all the rage this summer and Let’s Roll Ice Cream in Dallas is no exception. Free unlimited toppings make this an even sweeter treat. Located in the middle of the metroplex, Let’s Roll Ice Cream is the perfect dessert spot for everyone throughout DFW!

Snowbaby @snowbabyice

This is not your average shaved ice! This Dallas-based shaved ice shop offers Twainese shaved ice that is free of any artificial flavors, color, or milk powders. After being blended with condensed milk, this treat becomes thicker than typical shaved ice. Snowbaby is the perfect refreshing treat for a hot day.

Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie @bisousbisouspatisserie

Sometimes a hot summer night calls for a fresh pastry. From macaroons to eclairs and bear claws, there is the perfect option for everyone! Head on over to Dallas to get a taste of authentic French baked treats. Bissous Bissous is bound to impress!

Photo Credits: Respective Instagram accounts of establishments mentioned.

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