Tex-Mex with Charm – Cisco’s Restaurant and Bakery

Located in East Austin, Cisco’s does not fall short when it comes to charm. With photos and knickknacks lining the wall, the store-front gave off diner vibes mixed with the traditional Mexican restaurant feel. Recently deemed one of Austin’s historic locations, I couldn’t have been more excited to try the food at this iconic spot. There’s also the coolest mural on the side of the building to fulfill all of your picture-taking needs. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the restaurant is offering dine-in with limited seating as well as pick-up and delivery options. 

After being seated and served with chips and salsa, I did not waste any time before ordering an appetizer. Appetizers are important. I would argue that the appetizer sets the mood for the entire meal. With that being said, you can’t go wrong with queso. Cisco’s cheese dip was creamy yet thick and matched perfectly with the salsa. 

Known for their biscuits and huevos rancheros, I decided to take a different route and explore the menu. Up first, we have the chicken enchiladas topped with green sauce and monterey jack cheese. The shredded chicken wasn’t too dry and the green sauce, similar to salsa verde, was very flavorful. I was a bit caught off guard to see peas in the rice but it added a depth to the meal that was unexpected. 

My favorite dish I tried was the beef fajita fried steak and I now understand the hype for Cisco’s biscuits. They were rich, fluffy and didn’t fall apart when eaten. With creamy country gravy, the beef fajita fried steak is the perfect embodiment of Tex-Mex. The fries disappeared quickly as everyone reached for my plate for another bite. A crowd pleaser, that’s for sure.

Last but certainly not least, I tried the migas. Now, I’m picky about my migas. Sometimes the tortilla chips can be too overpowering or too hard, but not at Cisco’s. I also can appreciate a good side of refried beans and was not disappointed. The sauce was great, the eggs were nice and fluffy, and the dish was cheesy. A good dish overall.

With the amount of food that is served on one plate, you definitely get your money’s worth at Cisco’s. The welcoming atmosphere and the family history made me feel like I was home– not many restaurants can do that. Cisco’s has now been added to my list of places to take family when they come to visit. 

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Chris Kim

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