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When choosing a college many students have a list of several things they are specifically looking for. Some might be a pretty campus, fun student life, small class sizes, the list can go on and on. One thing that was high on my list when touring different college towns was good food. Food has always been a priority in my life, and I knew it would continue to be in college. Here are some staple restaurants around Texas Christian University that made my college decision that much easier.


fuzzy’s diet

Fuzzies quickly became a staple in my college diet because of their good food and low prices. Start with their chips and queso. The chips are seasoned with what they call “Fuzzy dust” and it adds the perfect amount of sweet tanginess to the TexMex starter. Their massive taco salads are borderline nutritious and cannot be missed. Every TCU student knows it will be a good day when their 8 a.m. professor brings in a box of Fuzzy’s breakfast tacos.

Dwell Coffee and Biscuits

When it starts to feel like the walls are closing in on you in your dorm or when the library is packed during finals week many students head over to Dwell for some much-needed caffeine and study space. Dwell is a coffee shop that resides right around the corner from Fuzzy’s in the Woodcrest Capital building. It is hard to choose between their coffee and Matcha when ordering a drink because they are both so good. What sets Dwell apart from other coffee shops around campus are its biscuits. Their famous Biswich, buttermilk biscuit sandwich, is the perfect breakfast or lunch for any college student.

Duch’s Hamburgers

Duch's Hamburgers

There is nothing that screams TCU more than Duch’s Hamburgers. Named after the legendary Horned Frog football coach Leo “Dutch” Meyer and located right across TCU’s main campus this restaurant has encapsulated TCU culture. It is the perfect place to watch the big game and enjoy some hearty bar food.

Buffalo Bros

Buffalo Bros wings

Buffalo Bros is another restaurant located on the strip right across from TCU’s main campus. If Duch’s burgers aren’t your thing walk over to Buffalo Bros and enjoy one of their daily specials or a basket of wings. If there is any sporting event, I guarantee you Buffalo Bros will be packed with TCU students cheering on their favorite teams.


Toppers pizza

Pizza is a necessity for every college student. Toppers are the perfect pizza place for a late-night snack or when you are trying to feed a large group before an event. The only thing better than one of their big greasy pies is their Topperstix. The Original Topperstix and the Cinnamonstix are my personal favorites.

HG Supply

HG Supply

 Down the road from campus across from University Park Village is HG Supply Co. This modern American restaurant is the perfect place for a nicer dinner with a group of friends. Their patio seating looks out at the Trinity River and is the perfect photo opportunity. Start with their vegan HG Chips and Queso and go for a BYO Bowl. I always get one with grilled chicken breast, sweet potato hash, shaved Brussels sprout salad, and garlic aioli. If you like Brussel sprouts you cannot miss HG’s. Also, a super fun thing they do at sunset, Monday through Friday, is their sunset toast. They give everyone a sample of the week’s featured drink and make a restaurant-wide toast.

Bar Taco

Bar Taco

Bar Taco is right across from HG Supply Co and is another fun place for dinner with friends or a date night. Their street-style tacos are some of the most popular items on the menu. They are small, so order a couple of different ones to get a taste of everything. Their street corn is also so good. Pro-tip, if you don’t want to deal with figuring out how to eat it off the cob ask for the street corn off the cob. It is, all around, a more enjoyable experience when eating it out of a bowl.



Eatzi’s is a European style market and bakery located in University Park Village. Eatzi’s is more than a restaurant, it is an experience. There are different food stations located around the market and you can find just about anything you are craving. Also, as you browse around you will notice that there are samples hidden all over the place. By the time I check out with my salad or sandwich, I am already stuffed from my multiple servings of samples.

Ol’ South Pancake House

Ol’ South Pancake House

This family-owned restaurant is a Fort Worth landmark. It is open 24 hours and is known for its traditional Southern cooking and of course its pancakes. Ol’ South contributes a couple of pounds to every freshman’s 15. One of my favorite memories, from my freshman year at TCU, is eating Thanksgiving dinner with a group of friends at Ol’ South. Whether you are eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack here you will leave remembering what a home-cooked meal tastes like. 

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