Spring is Nature’s way of Saying Let’s Party!

It has been nearly one year since the pandemic started and the picnic trend has made a full circle as spring and summer roll around. From charcuterie boards to cutting cakes with wine glasses, and now luxury picnics.  

Amid the coronavirus restrictions, people have been resourceful in finding ways to spend time with each other. There have been many missed anniversaries, gatherings, and special occasions due to the pandemic. However, Prestige Picnics has found a way for people to celebrate and create unforgettable memories in a safe way.

Prestige Picnics provides full-service event planning that allows guests to relax and make “special moments extraordinary with their custom picnics.” They offer four types of packages that range from $200-$500 and additional add-ons that include: guest/time, food/ drinks, decor, and miscellaneous items that you could purchase to put some more flare to your picnic.

I had a late galentine’s day picnic with my closest girlfriends and they made it so easy! When you arrive at the location everything is set up beautifully, from the throw pillows to the decorations on the table, it was picture perfect. Prestige Picnics gives you the opportunity to celebrate any occasion without the stress of planning, setting up, or cleaning.

They offer catering with various vendors to choose from and you also have the option to bring your own food. My friends and I decided to order sushi from Austin’s the best restaurant for our picnic and bought our own champagne for mimosas! These picnics are BYOB (bring your own beer), so if you want to pop a bubbly for the special occasion, then plan accordingly.

The charcuterie board had delicious salami and a variety of cheese that just melts in your mouth! They even had honey that paired well with the cheese and crisp crackers. The board was the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and salty; it was well incorporated without anything being too overwhelming.

My friends and I had so much fun taking pictures together and catching up after a long time away from each other. It was the ideal way to celebrate finishing midterms. This is the calm after the storm. After the Texas freeze, the weather during our picnic was amazing! We celebrated at Butler Park where we had a stunning view of the Austin skyline where we watched the sunset right under us. The moment could not have been more perfect.

With spring break just around the corner, this is the perfect way to spend time with your friends! Visit their website or Instagram for more information and click here to book your own picture-perfect picnic!

Eva Rogers

Eva Rogers, a proud Texan and contributor for TexasTasty, infuses her writing with a deep passion for the Lone Star State. With roots in the vast plains of West Texas, Eva treasures the unique fusion of tradition and innovation that embodies the Texan spirit. Through her articles, she celebrates the diverse tapestry of Texas, exploring everything from its vibrant urban centers to its tranquil rural landscapes.