Best Restaurants at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)

Austin is a food city. From the Michelin star chefs sprinkled throughout the city, to the family-run food trucks, there is something for everyone. The Austin-Bergstrom Airport is no different. It was recently ranked in the top five airports in the U.S. with the best food.

Most of the over 30 places to eat, are local restaurants that have expanded into the airport. So, travelers don’t even have to leave the airport to sample the flavors of Austin. Here are just some of the many tasty places to grab a bite in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport:

Barbara Jordan Terminal (the main terminal)

1 – Earl Campbell’s Taco Truck 

The beloved Texas Longhorn has his very own taco truck in the airport. Yes, there is an actual truck sitting in the middle of an international airport. Try the brisket sandwiches, or the barbacoa tacos from the Heisman winner’s establishment while waiting to board your flight.

Location: Near Gate 19

earl campbell's tacos located at Austin's Bergstrom International Airport

2 – The Saxon Pub 

The Saxon Pub is known as one of the many great live music venues in Austin. So, it makes sense that the Pubs airport location is right next to the Asleep at the Wheel stage, that hosts live music Monday through Friday. Grab a drink and listen to some good tunes that will make you forget about the kid that was kicking your seat during your connecting flight.


Location: Near Gate 19

3 – Jos Coffee

If you are looking to wake up after a long travel day, stop by Jo’s Coffee Shop. Jo’s is famous for having the “i love you so much” mural on the wall of its South Congress location. You’ll be saying the same if you try one of their delicious pastries or their famous iced turbo coffee.


Location: Near Gate 19

4 – Departure Lounge 

Located in the heart of the main terminal, the departure lounge is a perfect place to wait for boarding. Its nice for people watching or just hanging out and watching a game on one of their many TVs. You can sit down with a flatbread and something from their full bar, or if your in a hurry take out some of their prepared food. 

5 – Berry Austin

Berry Austin offers frozen yogurt, smoothies and acai bowls and other cold treats. And yes, you can choose your own froyo toppings. Once you order you can sip or eat while looking at the art exhibits right next to the shop.  


Location: Near Gate 17

6 – Amy’s Ice Cream

Chance are if you visited South Congress you went to Amy’s Ice Cream. And, chances are you want another scoop of said delicious ice cream. Their airport location is hard to miss under the recognizable neon Amy’s sign. Grab a cone of their famous Mexican vanilla or go for one of their more unique flavors, like Irish Coffee. 


Location: Near Gate 21

amy's ice creams at austin international airport

7 – Hippies & Hops

Nothing like a travel day to make you want a drink. Hippies and Hops have got you covered with an extensive collection of local and national beer brands, as well as a nice wine selection. If you’re unsure of what to get, ask the bartenders, they know their beer. 

Location: Near Gate 17

8 – The Peached Tortilla

Starting to feel those drinks from Hippies and Hops? Slide on over to The Peached Tortilla. The former food truck, now multi-location restaurant serves Asian-fusion. Everything on the menu is amazing, but some favorites are the Banh Mi tacos or the JapaJam burger. 


Location: Near Gate 17

9 – Sky Bar

Sky Bar is one of the few places before security to get a quick bite or drink. Located right above Fara cafe, it provides a relatively quiet space to relax in the busy airport. Grab one of their many delicious cocktails, like the Sky Bar Manhattan or Bergstom Mule. Who doesn’t want a little liquid courage before going through TSA or getting an Uber during Austin rush hour?

Location: Near Southwest Airlines Check-In

10 – Z Cafe

If you want something more substantial than drinks, Z Cafe is nearby Sky Bar. It offers sit-down and prepared options. They have some Asian-fusion dishes, as well as sandwiches and pastries for easy travel.

Location: Near American Airlines Check-In

11 – Eastside Pies

Eastside, like the rest of Austin, likes to keep in weird. Not only do they have the traditional red tomato sauce pizzas, they also have pizzas with ricotta, pesto, chimichurri, and black bean sauces. Order one of their signature pies or make your own.


Address: Near Gate 22

12 – High Brand Coffee Kiosk

Baggage Claim and Disneyland are a toss up for the happiest places on earth. But seriously, instead of being frustrated that your bag is late or waiting for people to stop crowding the carousel, grab a coffee. High Brand Coffee Kiosk has cold brew coffee in a can, ready to give you that much needed boost. 


Location: Outside Security – Baggage Claim > Near TSA Pre Enrollment Center 

13 – JuiceLand

Whether you are a health nut or you just want a little detox after eating airplane food, JuiceLand is your place. They offer delicious, and healthy, smoothies, juices, and vegan goodies. 


Location: Near Gate 17

14 – Fara Cafe

Another stop right before security is the Fara Cafe. Their coffee is roasted and packaged in Austin. They also have sandwiches, snacks, and pastries so you can stock up before heading to your gate.


Location: Near Southwest Airlines Check-In

15 – Mad Greens

One of the healthier options in the airport is Mad Greens. Grab a salad, wrap or one of their grain bowls. Maybe pair it with a JuiceLand smoothie, which is right next door, so your body can take on the travel day.


Location: Near Gate 16

16 – Farmer’s Fridge

Farmer’s Fridge is a food and technology company that operates 600+ fresh food vending machines across the country. Dubbed the world’s smallest restaurant, they need just 14 sqft and a power outlet to operate. The machines offer fresh, ready-to-eat meals packaged in portable, recyclable jars and our meals are priced at $12 or less.

Farmer's Fridge: Meet The Vending Machines That Provide Farm-To-Fridge Freshness With Waste-Reducing Technology

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Gate 23 (Right)
3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719
Located across from Gate 23 along the window – Right
Mon-Sun: 24 Hours

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Gate 23 (Left)
3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719
Located across from Gate 23 along the window – Left
Mon-Sun: 24 Hours

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Baggage Claim
3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719
Located next to escalator within baggage claim
Mon-Sun: 24 Hours

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – East Concourse
3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719
Located in the east concourse vending bank near Gate 9
Mon-Sun: 24 Hours

South Terminal – Austin Bergstrom International Airport

1 – De Nada Tacos

The small South Terminal is a shuttle away from the main terminal, housing some smaller airlines. There is a lovely outdoor patio that overlooks the runways. A rotation of local food trucks park at the patio so passengers can grab a bite and watch the planes. Currently, the De Nada Tacos truck, an extension of the popular De Nada Cantina, is there.


Location: Near Gate S1

de nada tacos restaurant at Austin's bergstrom international airport

AUS Retail Center – Austin Bergstrom International Airport

1 – Subway & Taco Mama

The AUS Retail Center is located next to the cell phone lot. So, you can gas up and get a bite to eat before picking up your loved one from the airport. Subway and Taco Mama have a joint store front within the center, just in case you want a sandwich and a taco. No judgment. 



Location: Near Cell Phone Lot

2 – Whataburger

Last, but certainly not least, Whataburger. The King of Texas burger places does have an airport location. The Mushroom Swiss Burger and the Patty Melt are some favorites. Maybe next time you pick an out-of-towner up from the main terminal, welcome them to Texas with some Whataburger.


Location: Near Cell Phone Lot

Austin’s Airport Restaurants FAQs

Does Austin airport have restaurants?

Yes. I listed all the restaurants for the South Terminal and AUS Retail Center above. But, the Barbara Jordan Terminal has even more amazing restaurants that I couldn’t fit into this post.

Does Austin airport have Whataburger?

Yes. There is a Whataburger in the Austin Retail Center. Anyone can park in the Cell Phone Lot and go in. 

What time does Austin airport serve alcohol?

Different places have different hours in the airport, to accommodate the travelers coming throughout the day and night. But, it seems like whatever the time, you can find a restaurant or bar open that will serve alcohol. 

Does the Austin airport have a Starbucks?

Yes. You have two Starbucks to choose from in the airport. They are both in the Barbara Jordan Terminal. One is right past security, so you can get a coffee for your flight. The other is in baggage claim, to get a cup as you leave the airport.

What gate is salt lick at Austin airport?

The Salt Lick BBQ is located near gate 22 in the Barbara Jordan Terminal

Can you eat at the Austin airport without a ticket?

Yes. The AUS Retail Center is open to everyone. In the main terminal, you can eat at the Sky Bar, Fara cafe, and Z cafe, without having to go through security. 

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