PigPen BBQ Food Truck in Austin

Originally from Dripping Springs, TX, PigPen BBQ now has a food truck in Austin! My recent visit to the food truck turned out to be a delightful experience that embodied the essence of Texas-style BBQ. Located on South 1st St (close to South Congress), PigPen is a great option for meat lovers, serving a variety of smoked meats and delicious sides. The outdoor space is a nice setting, especially on a sunny day and it’s an ideal spot for pet owners. The staff were also very welcoming which made my experience great.

Texas Style Smoked Meats

The highlight of my visit was definitely the smoked meats. The Brisket, Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage, and Pork Ribs steal the show and remind me why I love Texas BBQ. The Pork Ribs have exceptional taste and texture and you can really taste the smoky flavors and seasoning. Meanwhile, the Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage is the perfect balance of distinct flavors. For those looking for a leaner, lighter option, alternatives like Turkey and Chicken Thighs ensure something for everyone.


The sides they offer are also delicious. I tried the Baked Potato Salad and Eena’s Street Corn, which were delicious. My favorite was Eena’s Street Corn, similar to “Elotes”, since the corn is covered with cheese and smoked paprika. PigPen BBQ also offers sides like Jalapeno Mac n Cheese, Charro Beans and Texas Style Green Beans. While I didn’t get around to trying those, they’re definitely on my list for next time.

Ending on a sweet note, I tried the Banana Pudding. It was creamy and sweet, and provided a great end to a satisfying meal. 

Last Thoughts

PigPen’s BBQ’s FoodTruck is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to indulge in Texas bbq. The delicious food, friendly atmosphere, and outdoor space makes it a standout in Austin, especially for those spending time with family or for those having a solo meal. I’m looking forward to going there again and trying the other items on the menu too.

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