Museum Of The Future Present – A Voyage of the Mind and Body

We recently checked out The Museum of The Future Present. The museum is at the Native Hostel on East 4th Street and is filled with installations focused on presenting music in all forms. The works that make up the exhibit are from a rotating group of artists whose art comes together to form this truly unique museum experience

The Art

Upon entering the Museum, one is immediately struck by the blending of visual and audial stimuli that each installation emits. Each piece of art within the museum is unique and captivates the viewer in unimaginable ways. Although one may not be able to define what they are experiencing, the art is simply something to behold and admire.

The diversity of the installations is awe-inspiring as they range from written messages to sculptures, optical illusions, and even entire rooms.

The sounds and visuals struck me from all around, I was taken aback by how interesting and creative each installation was. Each piece of art resonated with me differently as they took my mind to places beyond the museum. One of the installation is an entire living room and kitchen that is so colorful and musical that it it feel like a futuristic recording studio.

One thing that I noticed within multiple pieces was the connection between human beings and technology. A few of the installations seemed to touch on the relationship between people and devices such as this.

Visiting The Museum of The Future Present is an experience unlike any other. The way the sounds, colors, and visuals of the museum come together to create a transcendent experience is truly mind blowing. As a fan of inventive and modern art, I highly recommend visiting The Museum of The Future Present for a good time.

Eva Rogers

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