Museum of Ice Cream

I scream you scream, we all scream because the Museum of Ice Cream is finally in Austin, Texas! Are you ready to ride a life-size frosted animal cookie or swim in a pool of sprinkles? Located in The Domain, the MOCI is a curated experience of hands-on activities, highly instagramable rooms, and of course, ice cream. 

History of the Exhibit

Established in New York City, the Museum of Ice Cream aims to inspire “human connection and through the universal power of ice cream.” Currently, there are three pop-ups hosted in Manhattan, Singapore, and Austin. Previous pop-ups locations include Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, which all sold out while featured. 

 Museum of Ice Cream

The exhibit showcases 12 reimagined and never-before-seen installations. Favorites like the yellow Banana Jungle and Sprinkle-filled pool are back, and new displays like an ice cream cone design room are here. Not a single detail is missed through each room. The museum has a retro feel and features a bold color pallet and eye-catching patterns. MOIC guides are there with you through each room to ensure you keep moving forward, not back, because there are only good things ahead. 

The Layout

Upon entering the exhibit, visitors are encouraged to choose a new ice cream name, which MOIC guides will refer to guests for the duration of their visit. Guides also have ice cream names such as Rocky Road, Captain Crunch, and Oreo. After a name is chosen, the ice cream journey begins. 

Layout  Museum of Ice Cream
Museum of Ice Cream

Each room in the exhibit features an interactive element. Whether it is walking through an installation, playing a game, drawing ice cream, or running through the ice cream playground, visitors are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the exhibit. Oh, and everything is photo-worthy. Prepare for lots and lots of picture opportunities that are insta-worthy. 

The Ice Cream

Did someone say ice cream? You wouldn’t visit the Museum of Ice Cream and not expect to eat lots of ice cream! During the experience, five different sweet treats are served, from ice cream to cotton candy. Each time visitors get to choose from a variety of flavors and also enjoy vegan options if they desire. 

ice cream cup

Explore the history of ice cream, devour endless sweets, and wander through highly instagramable rooms all through a visit to the Museum of Ice Cream. The Museum of Ice Cream is known worldwide, and Austin ice cream lovers will not want to miss this opportunity while it is here. Visitors will genuinely feel like a kid in an ice cream store and enjoy this experience with those they go with. 

There are two ways to experience the Museum of Ice Cream. The Daytime Experience is perfect for all ages and includes five sweet treats. The Nighttime Experience is recommended for those 16 and up and includes a spiked treat for those over 21. Tickets are available in limited quantities, so it is encouraged to scoop them up quickly. 


Feel like a kid in an ice cream shop again with a visit to the Museum of Ice Cream! 🍦🍒🌟 #MOIC #thingstodoinaustin

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