Cider Time at Austin Eastciders

Austin Eastciders just opened their new location on Barton Springs. Located on a busy corner on the way to the lake, Austin Eastciders is a fantastic place to stop for a meal or to enjoy a nice glass of cider. There’s something for everyone here and there’s always an occasion to celebrate with cider.

With the ongoing pandemic, their new location offers socially distanced indoor seating as well as an outdoor deck and patio with benches and tables as well as a barside table with swings! The outdoor seating area is a stunning place to enjoy the fresh air and even enjoy your meal with the view of Austin’s beautiful sunsets. Walking into the restaurant, you are immediately greeted with a warm smile. They currently have self seating to limit interaction. You can pick a table by the window or close to the display of their in house cider display where you can see all the magic happen.

Their menu has a wide variety of options and you honestly can’t go wrong with anything. To start off, I ordered the Snack Board as well as the Roasted Cauliflower. The Snack Board was a spin-off of the charcuterie boards that we have been seeing for the past four months, but with a Texas twist. The smokey flavor of the salami paired amazing with the eggplant and mozerella. I also ordered the sangria cider that had a fruity sweetness to it and tangy hint of citrus that complimented the marcona almonds!

The cider itself was amazing! It was the first time that I ever had Austin Eastciders and it tasted fresh and crisp, I wanted to try another flavor, however I just opted to try one of the cocktails. I believe that they rotate/ change their drink menu once in a while, so the cocktail that I had is no longer on the menu; however, it was delightful! It tasted like apple cider with a hint of nutmeg. At first I was concerned about the spices being too overwhelming, but to my surprise, it was delicious!

There were a lot of things on the menu, and I had a hard time choosing what to get, so I got one thing from each section. I ordered the Lady Bird pizza as well as the Cheese Steak sandwich. The pizza was cooked wonderfully and had a nice char on it as if it were cooked in a brick oven. The kale was crispy and complimented well with the roasted chicken. The cheese steak was decadent and rich in flavor. The melt-in-your-mouth cheese was amazing and paired well with the fries that we upgraded to truffle fries. The portion of the food that we ordered was more than enough for four people to share.

I would recommend this place to anyone! It is a unique experience and embodies what Austin is all about. Amazing addition to Barton Springs.

Eva Rogers

Eva Rogers, a proud Texan and contributor for TexasTasty, infuses her writing with a deep passion for the Lone Star State. With roots in the vast plains of West Texas, Eva treasures the unique fusion of tradition and innovation that embodies the Texan spirit. Through her articles, she celebrates the diverse tapestry of Texas, exploring everything from its vibrant urban centers to its tranquil rural landscapes.