Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at Fareground’s Ellis

From October 5th to November 2nd, Fareground celebrates Chef Richard Sandoval’s hispanic heritage through Dia de Los Muertos themed specialty cocktails. Served at Ellis and DRINK and complemented by displays from Mexican artist Chepe, the specialty cocktails contain the love and respect characteristic of the Mexican holiday, which honors one’s history and ancestry.

Margaritas Muertas

Spice up your dinner with a Habanero Blood Orange Margarita. The Habanero rim sends your eyebrows to your hairline, only to rescue them with a wave of refreshing patron liquors and house made sour. The cocktail is all about cooperation, and even those with low spice tolerances can enjoy this heavy-hitter.

Habanero Blood Orange Margarita

The sophisticated Marigold Margarita utilizes the traditional Dia de Los Muertos flower to introduce brightness in both flavor and color. A lighter option than the Habanero, the Marigold’s substance comes from pairing its floral body with citrusy orange notes for a smooth and vibrant finish.

Cool Cocktails

Dia de Los Muertos cocktails

Outside of the Dia de Los Muertos cocktails, Ellis’ typical menu features equally delicious and creative fare. For a light brunch drink nobody could resist, the rainwater-infused Aperol Spritz succinctly captures and delivers the feel of a crisp morning after a spring shower. Alternatively, the Pop Star provides a vivacious, bubbly, tropical taste certain to excite even the sleepiest brunch-goer. The passionfruit and vanilla create a sweetness reminiscent of popsicles in the summer during childhood.

cocktails with honeycomb pieces

Ellis offers a thoughtful charcuterie board to pair with its cocktails. The best part is, hands down, the piece of honeycomb sitting in a pool of thick, syrupy honey. It breaks apart with a delicate crack in your mouth and pairs well with any of the meats and cheeses. Also noteworthy are the pickled vegetables. They’re strong enough to hold their own, but not so overpowering as to steal the show when paired with another element.

Eva Rogers

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