Buddy’s Burger in Austin Texas

For my first summer in Austin, I knew that I wanted to explore things this weekend. Luckily, I had the opportunity to try Buddy’s Burger for the first time, and I was not disappointed. From the friendly staff to the pleasant environment and the delicious food, Buddy’s Burgers scores high on all fronts. 

The Menu

Their burger menu consists of four burgers. First, they have their Classic hamburger with lettuce, tomato, angus beef and Buddy’s smack sauce. Next is the Classic with cheese. Buddy’s spicy with cheese includes lettuce, tomato, angus beef, Monterey Jack cheese, grilled onions, jalapenos, and Buddy’s smack sauce. Lastly, they have their Double Classic with cheese which includes angus beef, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Buddy’s smack sauce. 

The Menu

Their fry menu consists of two types of fries, regular and seasoned. The only difference is that the seasoned fries are made with a Cajun seasoning for an extra kick. Buddy’s also makes their own hand squeezed lemonade; they also include a mango flavored lemonade. Another thing that sets them apart from other burger joints is the fact that they have draft beers for dine in and take out. 

For dessert Buddy’s offers hand spun milkshakes, the flavors offered are Mexican Vanilla, Oreo, and chocolate. The milkshakes are served in 16oz cups which is a perfect size for this sweet treat. 

The Food 

I ordered Buddy’s spicy with cheese, an order of seasoned fries, a hand spun Oreo milkshake, and an Arnold Palmer. The burger was full of flavor, with the jalapenos and smack sauce adding a kick to it. The meat was well seasoned and flavored with a slice of melted Monterey Jack cheese complimenting the jalapenos nicely. 

The seasoned fries also had a little bite to them, seasoned with a Cajun blend the fries were crispy and delicious. The meal was paired well with a tasty Arnold Palmer, with the lemonade having just the right amount of sweetness to it. 

The Food 

The Oreo milkshake completed my meal and was a wonderful desert to an already delicious lunch. The consistency was just the right texture to enjoy with a straw or a spoon, while the flavor was the perfect ratio of cookie crumbs and ice cream.

The Environment 

The environment of Buddy’s Burgers is one where you can dine in and enjoy your meal. They have many large spaced-out tables inside and a few outdoor patio tables as well. Even though it is fast food the staff went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed and checked on us a few times. They were all very kind and friendly which made the atmosphere more enjoyable. 

Check out their Instagram @buddysburgeratx for more information and pictures of their delicious menu. They are located at 9001 Cameron Road, Austin, Texas.

Eva Rogers

Eva Rogers, a proud Texan and contributor for TexasTasty, infuses her writing with a deep passion for the Lone Star State. With roots in the vast plains of West Texas, Eva treasures the unique fusion of tradition and innovation that embodies the Texan spirit. Through her articles, she celebrates the diverse tapestry of Texas, exploring everything from its vibrant urban centers to its tranquil rural landscapes.