A Weekend Getaway to Del Rio, Tx

Spring break calls for weekend getaways and a little tanning by the lake. I personally spent my spring break visiting Del Rio, TX, a small town four hours away from Austin, TX. Whoever said that small towns don’t have much to offer was wrong because I had such a great time!


On my first day there, I was able to learn more about the history of Del Rio and admire its beautiful love for art. Back in 1998 there was a horrible drought that killed more than 200 people and they now continue to remember it through murals. My friends and I were able to get a tour of La Casa De La Cultura where we were shown all the different murals that Del Rio born and raised artists have worked on throughout the years.  What I loved the most about this tour was seeing just how much Del Rio shows appreciation for the Mexican culture. Some of the murals I saw included images of papel picado with the words Vida, Amor, Muerte, another one had an image of the Virgin Mary, and one that is still in the making will be a mural of women dancing Ballet Folklórico. Right next to all the murals is the Brown Plaza where people used to gather together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or Mexico’s Independence Day with live music and food trucks all around. This was personally one of my favorite picture worthy areas of Del Rio!


Not only is Del Rio such a beautiful small town, but it also offers so much good food! During my time there I was able to get a famous guisado bean and cheese taco from Julio’s, and let me just say that I would go back just to get one of those tacos. My friends and I also went to a small family owned deli called The Brown Bag, and not only was the food so good but the aesthetic of it was super cute! I got the Fiesta Sandwich and I 10/10 recommend it! If you’re in the mood for a quick snack while in Del Rio I would recommend Tasty’s or Raspa King. The mangonada at Raspa King is by far one of my favorite things I was able to try in Del Rio! One of my friends also tried their white corn and loved it despite not being a big fan of white corn in general so that should tell you something.

Julio’s food to get famous guisado bean and cheese taco

The Lake

Finally, what I mostly loved about my experience in Del Rio was going to Amistad Lake. The drive to the lake was astonishing just in itself. When I tell you that I’ve never seen such clear and blue water, I really mean it because the scenery was seriously so beautiful. It was so peaceful, I loved that it felt as if we had our own small private section of the lake for ourselves to just swim and watch the sunset. Let me also not forget that Del Rio has the oldest winery in Texas! You are welcomed to go in there and do a little wine tasting or just relax while you have a chat with a glass of wine by your side. It doesn’t get better than this.

 Amistad Lake

Although I was only there for a short weekend, I fell in love with Del Rio. From their amazing history, to the wine, to the lake, to the food, to their love for their art, it was all beautiful. What made the experience even better was that the environment was so peaceful and calm. All in all, I would definitely love to go back and relive this weekend all over again.

Eva Rogers

A Texan through and through, her passion for the Lone Star State is evident in every word she writes.Hailing from the vast plains of West Texas, Eva has a deep appreciation for the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines the Texan spirit. Eva crafts articles that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Texas, from its bustling urban centers to its serene rural landscapes.