A Journey Through Wonderspaces

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of Austin’s newer attractions, Wonderspaces. Wonderspaces is a museum filled with a variety of art displays, and it’s charm comes from the interactivity many of the displays offer to visitors. The museum is located in northeast Austin and has two floors. The website allows you to book your tickets in advance as the popularity of this attraction rises with COVID cases on the drop. No join me on a journey through Wonderspaces.

A Journey Through Wonderspaces

The Art

There were a total of 13 displays which gave me plenty of time to interact with each one and they all provided wonderful photo opportunities for anyone trying to spice up their Instagram. With so many amazing pieces, it was difficult to choose my favorites, so here are two that stood out to me. Thank You Bags appear first as you enter – this display plays with size to make a statement about the detrimental impact of our overuse of plastic.

Submergence includes hanging rows of 8,064 lights. This display is a popular photo site that allows you to play with light as you walk between the rows. The coolest part of this display is that the lights did not stay still. Instead they change between different colors that traveled through the rows in all sorts of patterns, providing a surreal experience.

Interactive Experience

Wonder Spaces has many interactive displays and here are some of my favorites. On A Human Scale presents a piano in front of pictures of different people in different places. Everytime you pressed a key a different one of them would sing. It was fascinating piecing together the different voices and it really makes you appreciate the beauty of humanity.

 A Human Scale presents a piano in front of pictures

Finally, I found myself spending the most time at The Last Word. This display allows you to write down any words you didn’t get to say AND read the words of others. It allowed for some great introspection and I found myself thinking deeper about the relationships in my life. 
Overall, I had a great time. The staff was super friendly, and all of the displays are well worth your time. I would highly recommend adding this attraction to your list of places to visit in Austin

Eva Rogers

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