The TikTok Wrap Hack You Need To Get In On


10 minutes


5 minutes


15 minutes


4 servings

For the past few days all over Tik-Tok, the newest trend in food has had many people creating their own tortilla wrap. Today I will be sharing my experience and what’s inside my wrap. I found that this trend is a quick, easy, and inexpensive lunch idea especially for those on the go. Obviously, one can always change what they prefer to have go inside their wrap and that’s what makes this trend so fun – you never know the numerous combos you can invent. I think my next experiment with this trend will be making this but with a twist: dessert style.


  • Tortilla (preferably the ones either for burritos or wraps)
  • Bacon and grilled chicken
  • Cheese
  • mayo

Step1: Begin by cooking your bacon and grilled chicken

Step2: Cut halfway through the middle of the tortilla creating a way to fold the tortilla

Step3: Place your ingredients in each corner of the tortilla 

Step4: Fold each corner creating a triangle at the end

Step 5: If you have a panini press or grill place inside and wait until the cheese melts or your desire. I used my skillet since I don’t own a panini press.

Step6: Enjoy! Check out our TikTok here!

***Results may vary depending on what you put inside your tortilla wrap, but each bite will be begging you to take another.