Mango Dipping Sauce


5 min.


1 min.


6 min.


4-5 Servings

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One of our favorite summer time snacks are ⁣⁣summer rolls! But they get to next level with this sensational MANGO DIPPING SAUCE.

Recipe – Mango Dipping Sauce for Summer Rolls

7 oz ripe mango cubes⁣

2 tbsp lime juice

⁣1/3 cup Karuna Mango & Goji Berry juice⁣

1-2 tsp soy sauce⁣

2 tsp maple syrup⁣

1 tsp olive oil ⁣

1 tsp chilli sauce (I used sriracha)⁣

2 tsp grated ginger⁣

Blend everything together and it’s ready!