Kerbey Lane Cafe Review: Austin’s Famous Chain of Restaurants

Before Kerbey Lane Cafe expanded across Central Texas with its eight different locations it originally operated out of a single small house on Kerbey Lane here in north-central Austin. They are best known for their delicious comfort food with the menu options ranging from breakfast, lunch and dinner and all at affordable prices.

Opening their doors at the early hours of 7:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM gives customers the flexibility to order whatever they like, whether it be a patty melt during lunch break or a late-night breakfast platter. 

a brief introduction about Lerbey Lane Cafe in Austin

My Experience

I experienced Kerbey Lane Cafe for the first time in February 2018. I remember being overwhelmed with the menu and all of the tasty choices that were offered. I decided to go with the Breakfast Platter which consisted of their fluffy pancakes ‘swirled up’ (added cinnamon swirl, powder sugar, glaze), scrambled eggs and two crispy pieces of bacon. A classic breakfast choice that left my stomach full and satisfied. 

Living in West Campus makes it dangerously easy for me to order food from Kerbey Lane Cafe, especially when my roommates are just as easily persuaded by its flavorful menu. Ordering food on their website is always an effortless process and I always feel safe whether I choose pickup, curbside, or delivery. You’re even able to pick a specific time for when you would like your order to be ready for you. How convenient!

Kerbey Lane Menu

Kerbey Lane Cafe goes above and beyond when it comes to the food that they prepare for their customers. The limitless menu even gives people the opportunity to order vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan meal options. Not only do their food choices accommodate cravings people have during any time of the day, but so do their drink options. Either you want a cappuccino, blueberry soda (my roommate says its the best) or a frozen house margarita, Kerbey Lane has you covered. 

Kerbey Lane Menu items

A must-have menu item that I order everytime I get food from Kerbey Lane is their famous Kerbey Queso. Creamy white queso cheese, hidden guacamole at the bottom of the bowl, and topped with pico de gallo makes this queso at the top of my list. You can also add veggies or pork chorizo to spice it up! Even Whole Foods is carrying this fan-favorite product that I hope to try asap! 

Breakfast Menu

One of my favorite breakfast items to order is the Paris Texas Platter which includes savory Migas, sweet French toast, and a choice of homemade sauce (I choose the Kerbey Queso) and this combination surely will leave anyone content. The queso on top of the Migas enhances the temperature with just a “kick of spice” making you want to devour it all at once. The French toast is covered with powdered sugar and gives a fluffy texture with every bite you take. 

breakfast from Kerbey Lane menu items

My next favorite dish to order are their Fried Avocado Tacos which consists of warm corn tortillas filled with fried avocado slices, refried black beans, fresh jicama, lettuce, pico de gallo and chipotle ranch dressing. And let’s not forget a side of refried black beans and Mexican rice! I have never been able to eat a plate of tacos and not feel bad about myself for indulging. Each bite tastes unique and the combination of all the flavors makes this mouthwatering dish a must-have. 

Another menu must-try is their Veggie Wrap which is made with homemade hummus and tofu scramble spread over a warm flour tortilla. The tortillas are folded and stuffed with spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, red onion and basil leaves. A side serving of Garlic Sesame dressing and your choice of French or sweet potato fries completes this finger-licking meal. If you’re ever in the mood for a healthy but appetizing dish, this one’s for you. 

veggie wrap from kerbey lane

Now who could enjoy a delicious dish without a sweet dessert to end the meal properly? Let me recommend the Fudge Brownie Sundae which consists of a homemade brownie, Mexican Vanilla ice cream, and fresh mint garnish. Do I even need to explain why this is an essential menu choice to order? The warm brownie automatically melts in your mouth and the hint of creamy vanilla adds to the flavor. If you have a sweet tooth, please find the time to enjoy this treat whether it’s after your California Omelette or Chicken Pesto Panini. 

Kerbey Lane Cafe offers only the most delicious meals made with the best ingredients. I have only mentioned six menu items out of the hundreds they offer but trust me when I say anything you order will surely be a five-star meal. My goal is to try everything on the menu and give you my food review updates in the future. Stop by your closet Kerbey Lane Cafe and place your breakfast, lunch or dinner order. Make sure to check out our other favorite spots around Austin as well!

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