13 Best Vegan Restaurants in Austin

Jeana’e Jakson | March 1, 2022

Austin is always at the forefront of every type of cuisine in the United States and vegan is no exception. With the new year upon us and many wanting to try vegan restaurants, we put together a list of our 13 best vegan restaurants in Austin.

13 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Austin, Texas

  1. Arlo’s
  2. Bouldin Creek Cafe
  3. Citizens Eatery
  4. Counter Culture
  5. Flower Child
  6. Project Pollo
  7. Rebel Cheese
  8. Sunny’s Backyard
  9. The Beer Plant
  10. The Corn Dog Guy
  11. The Forking Vegan
  12. The Vegan Yacht
  13. The Vegan Nom

1 – Arlo’s

2908 Fruth St. at Spider House, Austin, TX 78705

Arlo's vegan restaurants in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Arlo’s)

Arlo’s is at the top of my list for the best plant-based comfort food. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Arlo’s is the perfect restaurant for anyone who’s in the mood for some “late-night cravings.” I recommend trying the “Double Bac’n CheezeBurger.” This burger is full of flavor and stacked with their homemade seitan “bac’n.” Before your visit, make sure to check which location is nearest to you!


2 – Bouldin Creek Cafe

1900 S. 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Bouldin Creek Cafe know for vegan food in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Bouldin Creek Cafe)

Bouldin Creek Cafe offers a delicious selection of vegetarian and vegan options. This restaurant offers breakfast platters, tacos, bagels, and omelets. Plan your next visit to Bouldin Creek Cafe; this is the perfect place to plan your next breakfast outing with family and friends.


3- Citizens Eatery

5011 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

citizen's eatery is a good vegan restaurant in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Jeana’e Jackson)

Citizen’s Eatery is a 100% meatless restaurant. For customers who aim to be “more health-conscious,” this restaurant provides lighter items on the menu. One of my favorite items on the menu is the “Southern Style Hen of The Woods Mushrooms.” Served with “house espresso BBQ sauce,” this appetizer is a flavorful starter to try!


4 – Counter Culture

2337 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 78702

counter culture is a crowd favorite for vegan food.
(Photo: Courtesy of Counter Culture)

Counter Culture is also a crowd favorite for the best vegan comfort food! As pictured above, this is a “burger like no other” made with house-made ingredients. The burger consists of garbanzo beans, shiitake mushrooms, beets, flax, and walnuts. Counter Culture also has gluten-free, soy-free, and oil-free options!


5 – Flower Child

Check to see which location is near you!

flower child restaurant suitable for vegan food in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Jeana’e Jackson)

Flower Child is suitable for vegans and non-vegans. I recommend ordering the “Mother Earth Bowl.” This bowl consists of ancient grains, sweet potato, portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, broccoli pesto, charred onion, leafy greens, red pepper miso vinaigrette, and hemp seed. The hummus and pita bread is also a yummy side to order with this dish!


6 – Project Pollo

401 Rosewood Ave A-1, Austin, TX 78702

Project pollo vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Project Pollo)

Project Pollo’s mission behind this vegan and vegetarian restaurant is to offer plant-based options at an affordable price! Fulfill your chick’n cravings by trying the “Spicy Project.” Signature breaded chik’n covered in spicy garlic buffalo sauce, house ranch, and served w/ a Pickled Jalapeño.


7 – Rebel Cheese

2200 Aldrich Street, Ste 120, Austin TX, 78723 (Mueller)

rebel cheese restaurant is the best place for vegan in Austin.
(Photo: Courtesy of Rebel Cheese)

Rebel Cheese is the perfect place to order vegan charcuterie. Also suitable for vegans, this restaurant serves over 40 kinds of cheeses in their deli. Rebel Cheese also has a vegan cheese club. No need to go in; they can send cheese straight to you!


8 – Sunny’s Backyard

3526 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

sunny backyard is a vegan pub in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Sunny’s Backyard)

This vegan pub is making a name for itself by offering 100% vegan items on its menu. Sunny’s Backyard offers “mouth-watering” pub food like burgers, wraps, bowls, and more. The outside seating space is also very welcoming and hosts various fun events throughout the week for guests!


9 – The Beer Plant

3110 Windsor Rd, Austin, TX 78703

The Beer Plant in Austin offers plant-based food
(Photo: Courtesy of The Beer Plant)

This Vegan “Gastropub” offers plant-based food, wine, and beer. I recommend tasting the “Blueberry BBQ Cauliflower Wings, “topped with smoked jalapeño salt, served with bleu cheese. Also, ask about their ciders! They have a selection of sweet-dry, depending on your palette.


10 – The Corn Dog Guy

2906 Fruth St, Austin, TX 78705

the corn dog guy restaurant located in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of The Corn Dog Guy)

The Corn Dog Guy puts fun vegan comfort food on the map in Austin! The “Vegan Bratwurst Sausage” is dressed with homemade curry ingredients and served with a pickle. The “Brokeback Dog” is wrapped in “bacon,” coated in BBQ baked beans, and topped with fried onion strings, sour cream, and parsley. Ask about their “Brokeback Fries,” a yummy fried item to add to your meal. Similarly, you can explore Oh K-Dog located in Austin and famous for its cheese egg toast.


11 – The Forking Vegan

702 Shady Ln, Austin, TX 78702

The Forking Vegan is reputable plant-based restaurant
(Photo: Courtesy of The Forking Vegan)

The Forking Vegan is an upscale plant-based restaurant in Austin that provides an array of culinary items on its menu. Some popular items on the menu are their” Baby Cakes,” “Brunch Bagel,” and their “Biscuits n’ Gravy.”


12 – The Vegan Yacht

2000 Southern Oaks Dr, Austin, TX 78745

Austin's Vegan Yacht restaurant
(Photo: Courtesy of The Vegan Yacht)

Voted Austin’s Best Burritos,” The Vegan Yacht has some highly ranked burritos on its menu. Try their “famous freeto burrito” with shredded organic romaine and diced organic red onion!


13 – The Vegan Nom

2324 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

the vegan nom restaurant in Austin
(Photo: Courtesy of Jeana’e Jackson)

Last but certainly not least, The Vegan Nom! This vegan food truck is known for its “rockin tacos.” My favorite tacos are the “Three Amigas.” The filling is scramble tofu, cheddar, and breakfast country sausage. Add crema, pico, avocado for that extra flavor!

I hope you enjoy eating around Austin!