A peek into the NBA Bubble through TikTok

As #bubblelife is almost over, we thought: what better way to recap the past few months than through TikTok? The players might be in a Covid bubble, but they are definitely not shielded from the TikTok craze the rest of the world is in. Whether it’s highlight clips or Mayers Leonard’s
Frat boy esque’ antics— the league has proven to entertain us off the court as they tote around their fancy Disney magic bands.

Thank you, Adam Silver, for not only making the 2020 season happen but for turning the world’s best athletes into avid Tiktokers.

Tacko Fall needs a spot in the halftime show.

Forget those frisbee catching jumping dogs. Tacko needs a part in the halftime show of the Celtic’s first game back in TD Garden. Enes Kanter seems to be a fan of “Le Tacko Piano,” maybe he can learn some Beethoven?


When he first arrived at the Bubble, Tacko showed off his quarantine dance moves. One user, @chadio, even on commented on his video asking to stay on “TackoTok.”


Ice baths on the daily @sergeibaka @thanasis_ante43
I have to commend Serge Ibaka for using my favorite TikTok sound on this one. But, it seems like the players have found a good use for those hotel ice machines.


Thanasis also looks like he’s freezing, but I’m glad he’s posting on TikTok. The other Antetokounmpo has been so focused on his second straight MVP that his TikTok game has been a little lackluster… Maybe playing time is correlated to the amount of TikTok uploads?



Matisse Thybulle is a talented vlogger @itsmatisse
The 76’ers rookie is not only confident on court but in front of the camera as well. Thybulle regularly uploads bubble vlogs to his YouTube channel— always giving us the inside scoop. The small forward can even solve a Rubik’s cube faster than you can say “for you page.”


Meyer’s Leonard is a total bro @meyers.leonard
In the early days of the Bubble, the Miami big man was spotted fishing and shotgunning beers. I guess when he’s not reliving his college days he’s eating copious amounts of protein bars…


Enes Kanter is TPOY @eneskanter11
TPOY = TikTok Player of the Year. Has to go to Enes Kanter, hands down— like his defense. Kanter’s consistently posting quality content, he even gave Tacko a swim lesson.


Paul Millsap is a troll @paulmillsap4
In between his highlight reels, the Nugget’s forward really had to use the most annoying sound. He do be eating a lot of pretzels though.


NBA is in on it too @nba
Players aside, the NBA is enjoying the platform as well. Their social media team constantly posting cool plays and Lebron’s uncontested dunks.


Even though the Bubble is almost over, we hope that the NBA stays on our #fyp. What are some of your favorite NBA TikTok moments?

Chris Kim

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