Tis The Season – Hot Cocoa Bombs





It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well in some parts of the U.S at least, whereas here in Texas by Dec 24th, it’s still 90 degrees outside. Leading to November 1st, people around the U.S began to celebrate Christmas early. If not by wearing their PJ onesies, by playing Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is you” on repeat while putting up the Christmas tree right when the clock strikes midnight. When talking about the holiday season, we begin to dive into all the sweets that we begin to make around the house and indulge in. One being the tik tok famous “Hot Cocoa Bombs”. These balls of Christmas cheer contain hot cocoa mix and marshmallows dipped into that hot cup of milk in your favorite Christmas mug. Today, I will be teaching you on how to make this delicious drink. 

Step 1: Grab your comfiest Christmas pj pants and begin to play your Christmas playlist

Step 2: Gather your ingredients; For this recipe you will need, marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, chocolate wafers or any form of melting chocolate, and any shape of silicon molding for me, I used round molds that I found at my local crafts store.

Step 3: In a pot begin to boil water and place an oven safe bowl on top of the boiling water

Step 4: Begin to put the chocolate wafers in the bowl and constantly mix the wafers so that the chocolate does not burn, nor does it stick to the bowl.

Step 5: With a spoon begin to put the melted chocolate into the moldings making sure to coat the entire mold but enough to leave a hollow opening to place the hot cocoa mix later

Step 6: Once complete, place the mold into the freezer. With my experience, the chocolate froze very quickly

Step 7: Once the molds are ready begin to take them out of the molds and onto a plate. Be careful not to break the mold when taking them out, so be gentle with them

Step 8: Once all the molds are out on a stovetop, or a hot plate, grab a pair of the chocolate molds and melt the ends in order to “glue” them together once you fill them with the hot cocoa mix and marshmallows.

Step 9: Once they are sealed, I decided to make sure they are sealed completely by putting them back into the freezer for a few minutes

Step 10: Once the seals are complete you can either be creative and decorate the top of the bombs or dunk them into the hot milk and top with your choice of toppings. For me I decided to have fun by adding whip cream and a dash of cinnamon with a candy cane straw to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Overall this is more than a one-man job, so invite friends or family over and have a safe socially distanced Christmas party at home. Maybe make some cookies to dunk into your delicious hot cocoa. I also found that the molds I used were a bit too small for my liking, so I dunked two of the bombs into my mug but next time I will go out and buy a bigger chocolate molding and see how that works out.