How to Cook a Steak Without Firing Up the Grill


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Oftentimes people are hesitant to try to make a restaurant quality steak at home, but it is one of the easiest dishes to prepare and it only takes a few ingredients. While many people think you need a grill or a broad knowledge of cooking to make the perfect steak it really is a simple dish that when executed properly is second to none.  Most recipes require a laundry list of ingredients and a multitude of steps but the best steak recipe is simple and the only ingredients you need are your steak, salt and pepper. Although grilling a steak adds a great flavor and gives you a tasty char, cooking a steak on the stove is a much more controlled method that delivers a magnificent crust and finger licking finish.

Things You Need to Cook a Steak on the Stove

boneless steak

The most important thing you need is a good boneless steak. Whether it’s a ribeye, strip, or filet it the quality of your steak is paramount to the end product. The preferred size of the steak is around one to one and a half inches as a thicker cut works better when cooking the steak on the stove.

In order to get a mouthwatering crust the best pan to use for the stove is a cast iron, but if you do not have one a stainless steel pan will work as well. To gauge the inner temperature of the steak to your liking a meat probe is best, but if you don’t have one the tried and true finger test is accurate and only requires your hands. Lastly you will need a trusty pair of tongs to flip your steak. Image Credit - Grillers Spot

How to Cook a Steak On The Stove – Step Process

Cook a Steak On The Stove

The first step and most important to get a good sear on your steak is patting the meat completely dry as moisture inhibits the Maillard reaction which is the chemical process that creates the crust you see on a finished steak.  After patting your steaks dry, season them generously with salt and coarse ground pepper. Although simple, these seasonings are all you need as they bring out the best of the steak’s flavor without taking away from it. Next, turn on your stove’s fan and heat your pan on high heat. In order to get a good crust on your steak you need your pan to be very hot so don’t worry if it begins to smoke, that just means it’s ready for your steak. Once your pan is ripping hot, add some oil and once it starts to shimmer and move fluidly around the pan it is time to put in the steak. Lay your steak down in the pan away from you to avoid splattering any oil and make sure the pan is not crowded if you are preparing more than one steak otherwise, the steaks will steam rather than sear.

After a minute you may feel the urge to check the steak, DON’T! The steak needs to be undisturbed for a few minutes to create a great crust. After three to four minutes the steak will easily release from the pan and that’s when you know it’s time to flip. Cook the other side of the steak for another three to four minutes for a rare to medium-rare temperature. An optional step that will impart more flavor into your steak is in the last minute of cooking adding a knob of butter and a few sprigs of time then basting the steak with the melted butter.

Once your steak is finished there are two options. You can either cover it with aluminum and let it rest for five to ten minutes if you plan on slicing the steak before plating or transfer it to a plate immediately and serve hot.

Recipe To Cook A Perfect Steak On The Stove

Cook A Perfect Steak On The Stove

Pan Seared Steak Servings: 1-2 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 8-10 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 2 (12-16 oz) Ribeye steaks or New York strips about 1 to 1 ½ inches thick 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon coarse ground black pepper 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (any high smoke point oil works) INSTRUCTIONS Pat steaks completely dry with paper towels. Season steaks generously with salt and pepper. Turn on the stove’s vent fan and heat your pan on high heat. Add oil to the pan and once it starts to shimmer lay your steaks down in the pan away from you.

Leave the steaks alone and let cook for 3 – 4 minutes. Turn the steak and cook for another 3 – 4 minutes for a rare to medium-rare temperature. (For medium cook the steak 4 – 5 minutes on the second side. For well-done cook the steak for 5 – 6 minutes on the second side.  If serving hot, transfer the steak to your plate. If slicing before plating, transfer the steak to a plate or cutting board, cover with aluminum foil and let rest for 5 – 10 minutes before slicing the steak against the grain.


How to Cook Medium Rare Steak

To cook a medium rare steak on the stove sear both sides of the steak on high heat for 3 – 4 minutes.

How to Cook a Boneless Ribeye on the Stove

To cook a boneless ribeye on the stove starts by searing the fat cap and then sear both sides of the steak on high heat for 3 – 6 minutes depending on your desired temperature.

How Long to Cook a 1 Inch Steak

To cook a 1 inch steak on the stove sear both sides of the steak on high heat for 3 – 4 minutes using the finger test or a meat probe to meet your desired temperature.


It is very easy to make a restaurant quality steak at home using your stove. It only takes a few ingredients and a few simple steps to make the best steak recipe. Follow these steps and you are sure to wow yourself and anyone you make a steak for.