Rising with Mt. Joy: Austin’s Serenade of the Season

October is here and that means one thing – it’s festival season in Austin. Austin’s rich music history is getting a touch of the ethereal with Mt. Joy gracing our city, and we’re here to fill you in on the vibes, sounds, and memories in the making.

A Brief Walk Through Mt. Joy’s History

Born out of the effervescent streets of Philadelphia, Mt. Joy is a testament to the power of dreams and perseverance. Matt Quinn (vocals/guitar) and Sam Cooper (guitar) met in high school, lost touch, but serendipitously reunited in Los Angeles. Their reunion birthed the band’s breakout hit, “Astrovan”, putting them firmly on the indie rock map. It’s this organic evolution that’s allowed the band to cultivate a sound that’s a blend of indie rock, folk, and raw emotion – the very essence that Austin’s music scene embraces wholeheartedly.

Mt. Joy On World Cafe : World Cafe : NPR

The Melodious Albums

While their eponymous debut album “Mt. Joy” unveiled in 2018 had hits like “Silver Lining” and “Sheep”, which gave us a taste of their poignant songwriting prowess, it was their 2020 sophomore venture, “Rearrange Us,” that further solidified their place. Venturing through themes of love, growth, and the challenges of life, the album speaks to the listener on a deeply personal level. The brilliance of Mt. Joy lies not just in their harmonies but in the stories their songs tell.

A Weekend at ACL

The buzz in Austin this weekend was palpable, and if you found yourself at the Austin City Limits (ACL) festival, you’d know why. Mt. Joy’s performance was the perfect blend of nostalgia and fresh energy. Their soulful renditions had the crowd swaying under the Texan sun, painting a picture of unity and passion. For those who’ve been following the band, the live renditions of their classics, mingled with new hits, offered an immersive experience.

Solo Magic

Amid the festival’s chaos, Mt. Joy also will offer Austin a more intimate experience with a solo show. The intimacy of these smaller venues lets the audience connect with the band in a more personal setting. On October 10th Mt. Joy will perform at Moody Amphitheatre. Tickets are on sale now and so are a limited number of VIP packages that will allow you 

Round Two at ACL

For those who missed out this weekend or can’t make it to the Moody Amphitheatre, good news awaits! Mt. Joy will be gracing ACL’s stage once again next weekend. It’s a testament to their soaring popularity and the love Austin has showered upon them. If their previous performances are anything to go by, the upcoming show promises to be an exquisite blend of foot-tapping beats and soul-stirring melodies.

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