VEECON 2023 Recap

From May 18–20, 2023, Indianapolis, Indiana hosted VeeCon 2023, the second annual NFT-ticketed superconference for the VeeFriends and the Web3 community. In addition to Daymond John, Carolyn Everson, Everette Taylor, Arianna Huffinton, Guy Raz, Drew Berrymore, Eric Thomas, Vivian Odior, and Neil Patrick Harris, the conference featured more than 150 speakers. Sessions looked at how business, marketing, technology, innovation, and popular culture intersected.

VeeCon offered a fantastic array of performers in addition to three days of jam-packed instructional content and networking opportunities. On Thursday and Friday evenings, respectively, the rap pioneer Busta Rhymes and the comedian Andrew Schulz provided the entertainment. On Thursday night, TiaCorinne and Richie Evans served as Busta Rhymes’ openers. Saturday night the headliner was Jordin Sparks followed by a tournament of UNO with the winner playing Gary. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from VEECON 2023

  • The Web3 community is in the building phase. The hype of last year has faded, but a core group of builders the believe in the future of the technology are hard at work building the tools and infrastructure needed for the tech to catch up to the talk. 
  • AI is here. It was hard not to attend a panel that did not talk about or focus on AI. There is a lot of optimist around the future it will bring for the business minded audience at VEECON, but also doom and gloom about the jobs and careers that may not exist a few short years from now. 
  • Be Yourself. With an array of motivational speakers and successful entrepreneurs, a common theme was do it your way. You are never going to swing a club like Tiger, drain a three like Steph, or round a corner like Hamilton…. but you can get crazy good at golf, basketball, and racing with out being an all time great. The same goes for business – Gates and Vaynerchuk are the GOATS, you just have to do it your way and that’ll be enough. 



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