Ten TikTok Songs We’ve Got Stuck In Our Heads

Videos and music come together seamlessly on TikTok. Elevating even unknown songs to near-instant popularity on the app and beyond, it’s no surprise that a song or two will get stuck in your head and stay there. If you’re like us and can’t stop thinking about them, here’s ten songs that deserve a spot on your TikTok playlist.

50/50 by Vantage

The opening catches the attention of everyone who hears it. This song is full of retro vibes and modern drums and unleashes the disco diva from deep within your soul. If you ever just want to dance and not care about who’s watching, this is the song to do it with.

Supalonely by BENEE ft. Gus Dapperton

BENEE’s track feels a lot like Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, but through a pair of rose colored glasses. On TikTok it’s a dance challenge and sometimes a cute background song for makeup transformation videos. It’s easy to enjoy and instantly brings good vibes into the room.

Them Changes by Thundercat

Have you ever wanted to feel like a tall lanky man in a cartoon? Well that’s what brought this song to TikTok. If you stay past it’s iconic loopable opening it has such an old school funk sound to it that makes it easy to just astral project to a different dimension. If you listen to the lyrics, they’re about a heartbreak, making it universally understandable.

Put Your Back In It Afrobeat by DJ Flex ft. Denise Belfon & Equiknoxx

The trend this song sparked taught two things. The first is that it’s harder than it looks to whine (the dance style, not the action). The second is that Afrobeat is amazing and will not care who is listening because it just wants you to try your best and put your soul (and back… and hips…) into dancing.

Savage by Megan Thee Stallion

If you thought you could escape the iconic Texan’s reach you’re wrong. PERIOD. This song blew up in and out of TikTok because of the dance challenge created by Keara “Keke” Wilson and has gripped the people with it’s acrylic nails. If there’s ever a song you can find yourself humming at home for no reason, it’s probably this one.

Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo

*Bang* The bad energy of the day is gone. This song is an instant mood booster with a pinch of groove that makes you feel like taking a walk along a body of water. Head bopping is strongly encouraged.

Y U Gotta B Like That by Audrey Mika

This song feels like it’s always existed but nobody knew about it until much later. It’s a refreshing, calming, wavy track that can play almost anywhere and not feel out of place. The song’s namesake lyrics will be a favorite for the shampoo and conditioner bottles in your bathroom.

Chinese New Year by SALES

You’re lying if the leg dance for this song didn’t inspire you or someone you know to try it. The indie sound of the song feels like the end of a happy high school senior in a popular teen movie. “It’s time for us to make a change…” and give this song more than the thirty seconds everyone recognizes.

Life Letters by Never Get Used to People

This is a major throwback for anyone who was on TikTok early on  when nobody knew what to do on the app, and for that it deserves a spot on this list. It’s russian, glitchy, and can give someone the feeling that the simulation is shutting down. It’s easy to get lost in thought listening to this song and it’s best to listen to it with headphones as you stare at the ceiling.

Je’taime by Ghostwhip

This is a french electronic bop you didn’t know you needed. Something about the “my heart” memes it inspired cemented its existence as a good feeling. Whether it comes to mind because of something cute or not, it’s dance-ready and perfect for practicing some fancy footwork when singing isn’t it.

Chris Kim

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