Podcasts For Your Next Texas Road Trip

One of the beauties of Texas is its size, the vast landscapes set the stage for beautiful sunset skies painted reds and oranges. On the other hand, getting from one town to the next can take hours of driving along these sunset roads, interrupted only by a handful of cows. This means it’s only so long before your playlist repeats itself for the nth time. The best solution to fill the time are podcasts, but with such a variety of options, it’s hard to know where to begin. You could always get on the app, press the browse page, and overwhelm yourself with two to three intros before giving up…but if that doesn’t sound like fun, here are a list of podcasts we put together. 

512 Degrees

Rating: We are brand new! So go give us a listen, subscribe, and drop a rating!

First and foremost, we recently launched our very own podcast! Going along with the theme of TexasTasty, these episodes are about food in Texas, and the people who make the food, talk about the food and impact the food industry. If you love our blog, and you are a foodie, I recommend you start with Let’s Taco-Bout it, and go from there.

Salad: The Advertising Podcast

Rating: 5

Salad is a conversation between three men, Trent, Cole, and Zach with the occasional guests, where they break down advertising into “bite sized takes.” Although the obvious listeners are people in the field of advertising, we also recommend it to anyone who is in communications, business, marketing, or into creativity in general. The episodes discuss the many parts of advertising, citing ads and campaigns from various companies as examples. Since the three hosts have different points of view, it allows the listener to expand their creative mindset. So far our favorite episode has been “Bite-Sized Takes on Bumble Movers, Coke Poetry and Nike’s Feat of Editing.”

Crime Junkie

Rating: 5

For all the real crime lovers out there, this podcast will be one of your favorites! Two women, Brit Prawaat and Ashley Flowers, find old, unsolved crime stories from all around the world. The podcast takes on a documentary-like feel to it as you get into the story. It has a serious tone as it takes you through the bone-chilling details of each crime.

Dr. Death

Rating: 4.5

On a spectrum of podcasts, Dr Death is closer to a series than a collection of separate episodes strung together by a common theme. If you are someone who likes to follow a story episode after episode, this podcast could be for you. It is a true story about a doctor in Dallas whose patients were coming out of surgery with more severe back problems than they came in with. If you are into gory, heart-wrenching, nightmare-inducing stories, this podcast will have you glued to your headphones.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Rating: 5

If you know anything about Michelle Obama, you know she is always looking to give back to her community. She does it with her Better Make Room campaign, she did it through her book, her book tour, and she does it again through this podcast. Her episodes are all about relationships in our lives and their importance as to who we are as people. She guest stars someone new every episode, from family members to  doctors to journalists. They discuss relevant current topics laced with the lessons they have learned throughout their life.

All The Smoke

Rating: 5

For all of our NBA fans, we recommend you tune into this podcast where Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson have become a strong voice for current, future and past players. Most episodes they invite other players to discuss their sports careers, and occasionally they invite comedians or actors like Jamie Foxx. The two players have an easy going flow between them where they keep the conversation down to earth and entertaining, perfect for any sports fans out there.

Girls Gotta Eat

Rating: 5

This one’s for the girls who want a good laugh with a side of seriousness. The podcast is narrated by two women, Raynaa Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine, who discuss topics such as body image, abortion, loss, and ex partners. If you are ever driving along with your girls in the car, snacking and laughing, consider playing it in place of music, let it give you something to talk about, chime in with own your opinions and jokes along the way.  

VIEWS with David Dobrik

Rating: 5

Kind of like playing friends on TV while you are doing something else so you catch the end of a joke or two, and laugh to yourself, but this podcast and you’re in the car. You can let your mind wander while listening to light hearted banter between David Dobrik, Jason Nash and their friends as they discuss random topics like- what does heaven look like? If you have a long drive, but you’re not in the mood for anything serious, and maybe you’re having trouble falling asleep, this is the podcast to play.

You’re Wrong About

Rating: 4.5

Hosted by two journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, “You’re Wrong About,” focuses on, well, some things you are most likely wrong about. The episodes take you on a fact-checking journey about anything from the Wayfair sex trafficking accusations to the OJ Simpsom trials to unsolved murder statistics across the United States. Their main focus is on historical events that have been commonly misunderstood. For people who love facts and backstories, we recommend you browse through the episode titles and find an intriguing topic to learn about.

Beautiful Anonymous 

Rating: 4.5

In this podcast, Chris Gethard leads us in an anonymous phone call with someone who shares their story. The topics cover a wide range of areas, from street artists all the way to special ed teachers and everything in between. Although the narrators don’t give their names, they let us in on a little slice of their life, and the stories are heartfelt and honest. If you are ever in the mood for an emotional ride, we recommend this podcast.

Chris Kim

Chris Kim, a contributor for TexasTasty, has a passion for sharing the essence of the Lone Star State through his writing. Born and raised in Texas, Chris offers a unique perspective shaped by his background in journalism and love for storytelling. He crafts narratives that transport readers to the vibrant landscapes and rich culture of Texas, whether he's exploring hidden gems in local communities or savoring the diverse flavors of Texan cuisine.